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  1. chronoso

    pre-amp intro

    having finally added a decent analog source (rega p1) to my stack, i am now in need of pre-amplification. my old weak-sauce direct drive from the 70s was self-amped, but now i need something to make the music come out decent like. i can crank up the volume on the stereo, but it sounds bright and...
  2. chronoso

    wtb: grado headband

    i'm looking to pick up one of the higher-end grado headband. the stitched leather one like used to be on the SR80's and up, but are not only on the 325i and up. maybe someone's dropped their cans into a hot tub and are looking to recover some $... thanks -james
  3. chronoso

    HiFi store database

    i'm thinking it would be helpful if we compiled a list of brick-and-mortar stores that stock the kind of high end headphones we head-fi-ers would want to go try on. something akin to the compilation of portable amps in the amp forum, for example. after enough entries, we could arrange it...
  4. chronoso

    ipod 'newest' playlist

    i have a smart playlist on my ipod set up in the same way as i do in for my full music library. this list just displays the most recent [insert arbitrary number here] files added to the list. it's really handy for finding files in my full library (though i'm not that happy about podcasts being...
  5. chronoso


    bought a sony D15 from him. quick, consistant communication. shipped as soon as money was delivered. would gladly buy from again. a great pcdp at a good price. thanks a lot. -james
  6. chronoso

    multiple outputs, multiple cards?

    So I want to hook up a headphone amp to my computer. should be no problem, right? just get a decent sound card and plug from the line-out jack into the line-in on the amp. that'd be fine if i wanted to only use my 'phones, but what of my speakers? i've got a 5.1 analog system which mean my...
  7. chronoso

    looking for info on MG Head OTL-H

    I'm looking into buying OogeleyBoogeley's ASL MG Head OTL-H, but...don't have that much information about it. Through searching about, i've found that some seem to think it works really well with the HD580s, which is good for me, but I haven't heard much about it with the 650s, which i've been...
  8. chronoso

    brick and mortar store

    i've been looking to have a listen to some new 'phone to augment/replace my 580s but the only places that sell high end headsets are online stores...which kinda limits my ability to give them a listen or even see if they fit my head. the only store around is guitarcenter, where the guy keeps...