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  1. strannik

    New Emission Labs (EML) 5U4G

      Hey guys, I have for sale a new Emission Labs 5U4G.    This tube has about 3-5 hours on, mostly of me comparing it to the Sophia Princess. The princess won, and this big guy ended up sitting on a shelf for a while. But I think it's time for it to get a new home.    I bought it from...
  2. strannik

    FS: Lyr tubes, two pairs of 6DJ8 / ECC88 by Mullard and Amperex

    Hello guys!   Since I don't own my Lyr anymore, I thought I'd sell some of these tubes I have lying around.   I'm selling these things for 40$ a pair. You probably won't find them cheaper anywhere :)     Pair of IEC 6DJ8 / ECC88 Tubes, By Mullard ($40)   Probably my favorite...
  3. strannik

    "Search This Thread" pages give ERROR [Exception] (0) 'action' is unknown: disp/

    This bug is fairly easy to reproduce, go to any thread, click on "Search This Thread". Search for something common, if you click on pages 2, 3, ... or "Next Page" you get a nice             ERROR [Exception] (0) 'action' is unknown: disp/ If you report this error, please...
  4. strannik

    Stand alone DAC v.s. onboard card with AD1988B codec?

      I have an on-board sound card with an Analog Devices ADI2000B codec, which already sounds pretty incredible compared to my Cowon J3 (Wolfson WM8750 codec?). The ADI2000B doesn't appear to officially exist, but may be an ASUS exclusive version of the AD1989B codec.   My question is, if I...