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  1. DanG

    New Belle & Sebastian album "Write About Love" free streaming on until Oct. 12th release

    Those are both great albums -- I'd definitely recommend Dear Catastrophe Waitress as well.  It's got some of my favorite Belle&Sebastian songs on it.
  2. DanG

    New Belle & Sebastian album "Write About Love" free streaming on until Oct. 12th release

    I’m sure a lot of you will find this as exciting as I did when I first found out from a friend yesterday: Belle and Sebastian’s new album, Write About Love, due to be released Tuesday next week, is available to stream for free from up until its release.  ...
  3. DanG

    Berlin headfi/HIFI-FORUM meet on Sept. 11th: post your impressions and pictures here

    Thanks for the suggestion, but after the ordeal of getting up there, I don't know if I'll be so adventurous again.  But Sepinho had actually wanted to go to The Bird except that apparently it has about 2 tables.  So he wasn't able to get a reservation.  If I do make it back, I will try a burger...
  4. DanG

    Joint European Head-Fi/ Meet in Berlin, Sept. 11th. It's on!

    It looks like I'll be coming -- but if there's anyone who would like to come along for the ride from Freiburg to split the gas and keep me company, that would be great!  Although I suppose most people have already made travel arrangements already.  But if you haven't, or if you were going to...
  5. DanG

    ER-4P vs. JH-13 Pro and ES3X

    Hi ephemere, I hope you don't mind if I bring this rather old thread back to the front. I saw that you had bought the JH13 after all, but then returned them for a refit. Since you also listen to classical music, love the ER-4S except for the comfort factor, and are not a big fan of the HD600, it...
  6. DanG

    Online Dating

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bojamijams If anyone finds a site where intelligent, dark, gamer / metalhead / goth girls are, let me know. Seem to be rarer then diamonds, though understandable considering their value (to me) Or try It's hilarious. But I...
  7. DanG

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    I'm still looking for an amp, but I just bought my first nice electric guitar -- a Gibson 1961 SG Reissue. From the serial number, if I'm reading it right, I gather it was made in 2006. Sounded beautiful out of the Bogner in the store and my friend's Orange Drop. I'm thinking I might get a...
  8. DanG

    Sign Up! Head-fi's 2008 Christmas CD Exchange!

    I've been away from Head-Fi for a little while and missed this thread. May I join in, preferably with a European member, by any chance? Anyone still without a partner?
  9. DanG

    What's your saving strategy?

    Everything goes to my bank account. No way I'm going to put anything in the stock market these days. And I could use the money! Plus, the 3,8% I get here in my German bank account isn't so bad.
  10. DanG


    Ralph Lauren Polo Blue -- I like it, anyway. Have only received comments from women a few times but it was mostly positive. Except for my best friend's girlfriend who said "man it stinks in here!" when the three of us were in a car together. But she wears grandma clothes and thinks it's indie.
  11. DanG

    Looking for a laptop (again)

    Thanks guys, I ordered the Vaio. :-) Can't wait to try it out when I come visit Beantown for Thanksgiving!
  12. DanG

    Looking for a laptop (again)

    Well, anyway, I think I've decided on this Vaio from Newegg: - SONY VAIO FW Series VGN-FW290JAB NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo P8400(2.26GHz) 16.4" 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 - Laptops / Notebooks Seems like a pretty damn good deal at...
  13. DanG

    Looking for a laptop (again)

    Thanks for the quick and thorough response, I appreciate it! What about the RAM issue? I see that the Thinkpads use DDR3 memory at 1067MHz, while the Vaios use DDR2 (800). Is that a big difference? I'm still leaning towards the Sony for a few reasons -- the biggest 7200RPM drive from...
  14. DanG

    Looking for a laptop (again)

    Thanks for the advice so far, guys! Yeah, Centrino 2 is something I'd want for sure, maybe one of the P series like the P9400. I guess a couple hundred extra megahertz in processor speed don't really make such a discernible difference nowadays, huh. But I really would like a cool...
  15. DanG

    German hifi forum "regular's table" asylum-seekers thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, DanG (one of the moderators here) is living and working in Baden, and is fluent in German. I'll see what he thinks about it. (If anyone said something they want to edit or delete, now would be the time!)...
  16. DanG

    Which concert for a date?

    Take her to see music that she likes. You can impress her later with your high-falutin' tastes, and I do love classical music too, but it's not a great venue for an early date. If you go to a live rock show that she likes -- and that you like at least somewhat as well, of course -- it'll be more...
  17. DanG


    Ahh, yes. That's the one. Thanks for the correction.
  18. DanG


    I think Spearit Sound also has another location in Waltham, in case that's closer to you. I've never been there, though.
  19. DanG

    "Moderation? I don't see any!"

    Quote: Originally Posted by jcx I do find the "moderation" practice here rather disturbing - posts and threads can be deleted - sometimes without warning or notification of any published "policy" violation Secret rules are really unpalatable simply discussing moderation policy at...
  20. DanG

    The UK Headphone Society / UK CAN JAM 2009

    If this looks like a big thing that will seriously work out, and if it's near enough to a major airport with service from Basel, I'll do my best to make it. It would be cool to meet some of the European Head-Fiers! With regards to organization (sorry for the American spelling ), I would...
  21. DanG

    For the (other) Euro members: do you ever realize how lucky you are?

    So I moved to Europe (specifically, Germany) a little less than two months ago. In America, I drove to work for about 45 minutes -- when there wasn't any traffic, that is -- and worked in a cubicle all day. My coworkers were great, my boss was great, the pay was great, and the taxes were WAY...
  22. DanG

    Happy Birthday elrod-tom!

    Happy birthday, Tom! And on a Sunday, too. Lucky you! Hope you have a good one.
  23. DanG


    Well, fortunately for me (though unfortunate with respect to potential meet attendance), I got the job in Germany I've been hoping for and will be moving over there at the beginning of July... so unless someone wants to have a mini-meet or something this month or next month, I won't be able to...
  24. DanG

    Which college for business?

    You can get by without going to college for sure. I know people like this, even in positions where the official job description claims the person doing the job needs a college degree. But you'll have to work twice as hard without a college degree to get a job than you will with one. Whether it's...
  25. DanG

    Looking for a new quiet laptop

    Thanks again, guys. Where can I find the Centrino Hardware Control?