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  1. nicholars

    Balanced DAC and Amp

    Hello, Would there be any point in using balanced connections from DAC > Amp, if I was not using Balanced headphone cable from the balanced output on the amp. eg. Dac > XLR conection > Amp > Single ended headphone output. Is this a pointless waste of time and may as well use a normal RCA...
  2. nicholars

    Focal Elex vs LCD2C

    I am looking at these 2 headphones, can anyone give me an idea of which is the best and what the differences are between these 2? Is one significantly better than the other? Also is it true that you cannot get the Elex shipped to the UK? In that case I would not be able to get them as I am in UK?
  3. nicholars

    Are USB dropouts / disconnects normal?

    Is it normal for an async USB dac to disconnect / USB dropout approx once every few hours?   I have tried a lot of things and it still does this... It will disconnect / reconnect a few times a day...   Is this normal with USB dacs? Or do I have a problem with my DAC or computer?   Thanks
  4. nicholars

    NAD D1050 DAC USB dropouts

    Hello,   I have a NAD D1050, I am happy with the sound and have it connected via USB, my PC has a Haswell 4690k CPU which I think has the USB controllers on the CPU ... so when i read guides saying "putasync DAC on seperate USB hub" I am not sure this applies...   My problem is that approx...
  5. nicholars

    If you could keep 3 headphones....

    Out of the headphones you have used / own, If you could keep 3 headphones that you would have to keep forever and never buy any more headphones, Which would you keep?   Mine would be (out of headphones I have owned) :   Over Ear   Shure SRH 1540 - Very good all rounders, comfortable, sound...
  6. nicholars

    Swap Xonar STX for Xonar ST?

    Will I get any sound improvement by changing from STX to ST to either the RCA outs or the headphone amp?   I am thinking of swapping anyway because of interference through the PCI-E slot from the graphics card which I think might be lowered / eliminated if I use a standard PCI slot (as it has...
  7. nicholars

    GPU causing noise + strange problem, Expert help please

    In my new PC I have a GTX 970 graphics card which buzzes during gaming, this is reasonably normal for these cards and I am not bothered about it (I have had 4 and they all buzz), however the buzzing is picked up on my speakers when the amplifier volume is turned up.... here is the strange part...
  8. nicholars

    "front speaker out" and "line out" the same thing?   These 2 soundcards have an "amplified headphone out" and a "front speaker out"...   Is the "front speaker out" the same as a standard "Line out"?   eg. can...
  9. nicholars

    Headphones + Speakers from soundcard

    I have a Xonar STX at the moment which has the RCA outs and also a headphone amp, can newer sound cards or good onboard sound connect to headphones and a speaker amp at the same time? Headphones through the amplified headphone jack and speaker amp through the front speakers jack with a 3.5mm >...
  10. nicholars

    EAX vs dolby headphone / onboard vs Xonar STX

    This new motherboard I am looking at has a realtek ALC1150 chip which supports Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 and has an amplifier built in (cannot find the amplifier specs), also has good shielding and capacitors, how would this compare to my Xonar STX with dolby headphone?  how do you think this chip...
  11. nicholars

    Front PC audio jack amplification / quality

    If you connect the internal audio connector on a motherboard to the front audio jack on your case, if the motherboard has a built in amplifier on the rear line out will this work through the front audio jack as well (at the front of the PC case connected by motherboard header)? Or will the...
  12. nicholars

    Do you use electronic cigarettes? Please sign this petition..   Why this is important Electronic cigarettes have become hugely popular across EU member states. Smokers finally have access to an alternative to smoking tobacco, one...
  13. nicholars

    Momentum vs M-100 vs UE6000 shootout!

    These are 3 new portable headphones, I ended up buying all 3, since most people probably do not get to test them all together I thought I would write my impressions of how they compare. Any impressions of the UE6000 are in passive mode.   Comfort :                            UE6000 >...
  14. nicholars

    Xonar STX with IEM's?

    I am looking at replacing my Xonar D2 with a Xonar STX as I need something to use IEM's from my PC. I also need the SPDIF and RCA out so I am not sure what other options I have.   My IEM's are: Sennheiser IE8 (16 ohm, Sensitivity:125 dB) and Shure SE215 (20 ohm, Sensitivity (1 kHz): 107 dB...
  15. nicholars

    Dac XLR > RCA?

    I have a Cambridge audio dacmagic connected to NAD 326bee using the RCA output....   I find that the NAD is not great for IEM due to the output impedance of the headphone jack probably.... So I want to get a dedicated headphone amp to use for IEM such as ibasso or fiio or similar....  ...
  16. nicholars

    Vsonic GR07 Bass edition sibilance

    I was going to get the GR07 mk2 about a year ago but then I decided against them due to 2 reasons:   1) apparently not much sub bass 2) Sibilance...   Now I am looking on head-fi for an upgrade to my Shure Se215 and I see the GR07 BASS EDITION.... So it seems like one of my issues is...
  17. nicholars

    Sennheisers - Please advise

    At the moment I only have a budget of < £100 for some headphones, currently I have the CAL! which are ok but I miss my old HD650 sennheiser open sound etc.   So I was thinking of getting some of the new sennheiser line... Either the 518 or 558...   I am leaning towards the 518 due to...
  18. nicholars

    CAL! Not bad for £60

    Removed. Not sure what I was thinking TBH.
  19. nicholars

    Anything better than the CAL! for under £100?

    I am probably going to get another pair of CAL! but before I order them is there anything else I should be considering under £100?   Thanks
  20. nicholars

    Ultrasone HFI 580 questions

    Hello,   Recently I had to sell my HD650 and now I don't have any headphones except my Shure SE215....   I was thinking of getting some HFI580 as they seem like good value for money and have good bass etc.   Few questions :   I was just wondering how bright are these headphones...
  21. nicholars

    Which headphone type are least damaging to your hearing

    This is entirely a guess but I would assume that IEM are actually less dangerous than over ear headphones.... Because they use tiny little drivers which move small amounts of air compared to over ears which can move some serious air with larger drivers.... I am not sure if this is correct but it...
  22. nicholars

    Do you prefer headphones or IEM?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ditched over ear headphones completely and gone for high end IEM's instead?   I am getting a bit tired of full size headphones because they all have at least one "dealbreaker" such as too bright, not enough bass, poor build quality etc. Until you are...
  23. nicholars

    Yamaha EPH-100 - Which tips can fit these?

    I have noticed that the Yamaha EPH-100 only comes with one set of tips and that these tips cannot be purchased from Yamaha (pretty poor really but not much I can do about it)....   They have a weird sized nozzle and I have read that people have problems finding new tips for them.... Can...
  24. nicholars

    Beyerdynamic - Which ones?

    I am looking for a pair of closed / semi closed headphones purely for electronic music to replace my D2000.   I have the HD650 for other genres but they do not really "cut the mustard" with electronic / bass heavy genres.   I want fast, textured, tight, deep bass response as well as...
  25. nicholars

    Audio GD Headphone amps

    I am looking at getting either an Audio GD 3.2 DAC or a Audio GD 5.2 Headphone amp/DAC.... Is there a significant difference in sound quality with these two products?   Also is audio GD good for headphone amps? Or are they just good for DAC's?   I am wondering if I would be better off...