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  6. johnas

    Anyone Into Country?

    Quote: Van Lear Rose is a fantastic album.   My favourite album last year: Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song    
  7. johnas

    Streaming Music Throughout The House

    Check out it works great as a headless media server. I run it on a lower spec'd computer with good results. Doesn't require a lot of Linux knowledge, many options configurable via web browser.   Quote:
  8. johnas

    Best Albums of the 00s. Head-Fi Edition

    1st: The National - Boxer 2nd: Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger
  9. johnas

    Banjos and Bluegrass recommendations

    Check out "Punch" by the Punch Brothers NPR Music: Bluegrass Suite Packs a Progressive 'Punch' Edit: Forgot to suggest The Carolina Chocolate Drops Video here: YouTube - Carolina Chocolate Drops
  10. johnas

    Asus eeePC as audio player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Penchum Would you mind checking to see if the headphone jack is also optical out? Thanks!! No it is just a headphone jack.
  11. johnas

    Asus eeePC as audio player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Caribou679 I basicly need a secondary laptop to keep in communication....Is the "easy" mode complete enough that I don't need to go in the advanced setup?.... Can a SD card be use to give it more ram?......What use do You do with this pc? I use the EEE...
  12. johnas


    Guys, if you have a Mac you can play FLAC files in iTunes with the Xiph quicktime components. You can also convert from FLAC to ALAC directly in iTunes. Kind of a pain to import large batches of files, but it has been working nicely on my Mac for several months. Anyone know if FLAC will be...
  13. johnas

    New Radiohead On October 10th

    The new Radiohead album will be available for download on Oct 10 according to their blog: The site to download it from is here: The price of the download is "up to you."
  14. johnas

    New to Mac.. Help me get started! :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by poo What should I use instead of iTunes? I'm looking for FLAC playback also. Hi There, Itunes can play FLAC files natively. See here for the Xiph Quicktime component. I have had version 0.1.7 installed and while there are some issues with the way...
  15. johnas

    What's your favorite Live recordings?

    My Morning Jacket "Okonokos" is a really great live album. If you have the bandwidth, is a good place to look around for taped live shows, free.
  16. johnas

    Moving to a Mac....

    Hi, You can import and play your Flac and OGG files in Itunes using the XiphQT component for OSX. You don't need to convert your Flacs to use them with iTunes. See this link:
  17. johnas

    dBpoweramp Music Converter R12

    Quote: Originally Posted by james__bean much better than EAC. Could you elaborate on this? In you opinion, how is this program better than EAC for ripping?
  18. johnas

    Looking for slow intrumental guitar blues

    Derek Trucks Band - Soul Serenade - All but one song is instrumental, very smooth slide guitar with jazz and world fusion influences.
  19. johnas

    Pictures of your portable rig- Part VI

    Quote: Originally Posted by Packgrog Are those custom foamies? They're different color from the ones from Future Sonics. The tips are Shure large foamies, the stock foamies aren't big enough. The ety triple flange, with the first flang cut off work quite well also.
  20. johnas

    Pictures of your portable rig- Part VI

    I have been using this portable setup for about two years. Haven’t had the need to upgrade.... yet.
  21. johnas

    Looking for new acoustic rock

    I highly recommend Xavier Rudd. He has some MP3s on his website and a number of live shows are up for download at
  22. johnas

    PC MKIII USB or Bithead '06

    The gain is changed via an internal jumper, it is quite simple. The user manual is available online, it will answer all your technical questions:
  23. johnas

    PC MKIII USB or Bithead '06

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chef Medeski So, any comparisons, sound quality? Features? Anyone have an opinion? I own a MKIII USB. It has similar features to the Bithead, but the gain switch on the MKIII is internal. The MKIII is rugged and sounds great - the Bithead probably...