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  1. rockbottom

    X5L vs Creative Zen Xtra

    has anyone compared these in terms of sound quality? More specifically how's the SQ of the Zen Xtra's line-out compared to the X5L's headphone out? I'm really hard-pressed to find any kind of info on the zen xtra.
  2. rockbottom

    D2 SDHC compatibility

    Does anyone know which SDHC cards the D2 is compatible with? Is there a published list anywhere or can the D2 handle anything thrown at it?
  3. rockbottom

    Maestrobating the SHA1

    I know there are probably threads on this topic already but does anyone know if there's anyone who can maestrobate the SHA1, and can anyone comment on the difference it makes? Thanks!
  4. rockbottom

    No line-out on the new Zen?

    does the zen have a line-out anywhere? Also, does anyone have information on whether or not the SD slot firmware issue have been fixed yet?
  5. rockbottom

    How did you guys explain this hobby?

    Hey guys, need a hand here. For my most recent transactions, I used the wrong shipping address and parents are giving me crap about buying stuff online. Those aren't even the expensive stuff, gonna need some advices on how to explain myself to them.
  6. rockbottom

    Chinese Head-fiers...does anyone remember this artist?

    Zhang Yu Sheng (Tom Chang)...great Taiwanese singer, lyricist, composer, and producer...nicknamed the "Musical Magician"... He's famous for his high vocal range (up to a high A or even an octave above that) and his creative talent as a musician. Unfortunately, he passed away 9 years ago. A...
  7. rockbottom

    Synergy: Which amps would work well with the Grado line?

    Which amps would work well with Grados? I'm curious which amps would synergize best with Grados, namely the SR80 and RS1 (not that my current amp is bad, just really want to know). Preferably amps with 2 phone outputs and can drive 2 pairs simultaneously.
  8. rockbottom

    Help! Is it possible to repair the headphone mini output?

    I have a TX FM and it's been with me for almost 2 yrs now...However I've recently discovered a problem... it seems that the output slot might be a little crooked... The cause has yet to be identified...and it isn't exactly a HUGE deal...but whenever a lateral force is applied on the mini...