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  1. Arnoldhasmail

    Excuse my ignorance, but why are HF-1s fetching so much cash lately?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BushGuy Perceived quality via posts......though not necessarily a correct perception. IMO the original pricing was correct within $50. Last year, a friend sold hers (on eBay) for aprox $250 - they had been sitting in a closet whilst she used her Beyer...
  2. Arnoldhasmail

    NYC Bi-Annual Meet March 3rd

    I'm in...looking forward to it!
  3. Arnoldhasmail

    koss ksc 75 vs. 35?

    I bought a pair of 75's and modded them with a sennheiser cable from the 580/600's, it fixed all the evils of the 75's for a reasonable price...I'm yet to find a can for under $100 that compares...imo...
  4. Arnoldhasmail

    Roll Call for Team AKG

    I'm in...K-1000's and 701's Probably selling my HD600's... AKG just seems to do it right!
  5. Arnoldhasmail

    Modded AKG 701's

    Quote: Originally Posted by billinkansas Arnold- Thanks for your report and your impressions. I've found the K701's to be a little "thicker" than realistic, and lacking the lively realism of the K501. With the laws of physics in place in a live performance, all acoustic music rolls...
  6. Arnoldhasmail

    Waiting on an amp being built for you? Chime in here

    Quote: Originally Posted by Guss2 Ya'll need to quit your bitching,I've been waiting nearly 12 months.Gary. Really...12 months...sorry to hear that. You must be very frustrated... Another nightmare in amp design and building.
  7. Arnoldhasmail

    AKG K701 after 1000 Hours - Final Review

    I'm a big fan of the 701 and really enjoyed your review. I agree with almost all your comments...I could never have put it so well.
  8. Arnoldhasmail

    Waiting on an amp being built for you? Chime in here

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Still waiting on a Balanced Gilmore Reference (DynaMid) to be built for me. But the lazy person hasn't finished it. Oh, wait, I'm the one that's building it. -Ed Hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Arnoldhasmail

    Singlepower MPX3

    No, I tried them on an earlier MPX3 I had, but found I prefer the sound of the amp driven by 6SN7's. I'm actually shocked at the popularity of the Slam wasn't my cup of tea... But I appreciate your help in choosing a Singlepower...your guidance early-on was invaluable.
  10. Arnoldhasmail

    Singlepower MPX3

    Hi Folks, I recently received my has a Supra transformer, blackgates, p2p silver wire and the solen upgrade. I've been listening with the recommended KenRad input tube and the Sylvania outputs. I had the oportunity to hear this amp in different configurations and found this setup to...
  11. Arnoldhasmail

    Well guys, I'm done

    Quote: Originally Posted by saturnine Sorry bout that, mistook the the volume control for the tone control. My mistake The "tone control" as I call it is sort of a "warmth dial". It's an optional addition to Singlepower amps. I thought it was a Feedback control...
  12. Arnoldhasmail

    Which is better, AKG K501 or Grado SR-60 without an amp?

    The 501's are a LOT more power hungry then the 580's...
  13. Arnoldhasmail

    Do the 701's use 3 conductor cable?

    no, the 701 cable uses four conductors
  14. Arnoldhasmail

    Which K701 do you have?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover 1392 = MPX3 SLAM 1943 = PPX3 SLAM 3176 = SUPRA-X 3178 = Headamp GS-1 Hey SACD Lover...did you recable any of those 701's??? Any experiences to share? Thanks
  15. Arnoldhasmail

    k701 veil?

    I did the exact opposite...I removed the thin fabric from the earpads and left the foam donut...I found the donut was necessary for high end control but found the thin cover was getting in the way of the music...I find I get more detail...better imaging...a clearer picture...
  16. Arnoldhasmail

    Recommend a Great Sounding 12AX7?

    To some degree that's some degree it's not. First of all you could go to audio asylum and probably find out the equipment he uses...he's a legend around those forums... I've tried dozens of 12AX7's in three diffent pieces of equipment...and for the most part...his observations are...
  17. Arnoldhasmail

    New Jersey Meet Sunday February 26th

    I won't be able to make it...I'll be in Hawaii!
  18. Arnoldhasmail

    Recommend a Great Sounding 12AX7? scroll down to a post I made on 1-29-06
  19. Arnoldhasmail

    Recable an AKG 701

    Thanks for all the input. I re-cabled my 701's this evening. The braided cat6 cryo is more coherent...a little more forward but has a bit more detail and is more transparent...a nice upgrade. Bass is a notch better. I'm going to run them for a while and I'll let you know...
  20. Arnoldhasmail

    Amp recommendation for HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by mshan I used to own a Singlepower PPX3-6cg7 with Sennheiser HD600. Based on memory, I think a Singlepower amp would complement the HD650 very nicely because of it's liquid transparency. I haven't auditioned the HD650 with an MG Head yet, but according to...
  21. Arnoldhasmail

    $1200 amp needed for a HD650/SilverD

    Amp wise...It depends on the sound you like...if you like a more refined, laid back, big soundstage...a singlepower mpx3...even the base model. And you like a slightly more forward, smaller sound stage with a quicker pace...a slam model will fill the need...I tried a mpx3 slam but I hear the ppx...
  22. Arnoldhasmail

    EC-01 the Newest Offering From Eddie Current

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover I have been researching tubes for a couple years now and I have yet to see a nos drop in equivalent for the 6n6p. The 6n3p has several equivalents. The main problem is that its hard to find any information on these tubes in English. That's...
  23. Arnoldhasmail

    Talk me into the Senn 600...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Solude This all started 4 years ago with the Senn 600 and it may well end with the Senn 600. I hated it then, but love the Senn 650 now. But if I could change the 650 I would reduce the bass ever so slightly and increase the treble ever so slightly. Talking...