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  1. mritt400

    Alessandro MS-1 (new members may want to consider reading this…)

      So here is my idea…   What I am doing here is a little different but pretty simple.  I am offering my Alessandro MS-1’s to a fellow Head-Fi member at no charge.  I will consider domestic and international members; shipping cost is the only cost.   These Ms-1’s are used, not abused...
  2. mritt400

    Break-up tunes

    All right guys, I am having a tough time due to a breakup.  Pretty tough indeed.  In fact, I have been so distraught that I have not been able to even to litsen to music yet, and it has been days.  What are the best, or your 'favorite' songs that might have consoled you when you've been...
  3. mritt400

    LCD Vizio Headphones!? Uh, look out Skullcandy...

    Not sure if anyone came across this with the CES coverage but I am seriously befuddled... It makes me think twice about the whole necessity and mother of invention business. cNet-Vizio LCD Headphones
  4. mritt400

    Flatwire - what a great idea!

    I was just moseying through the forum today, as I often do... and an advertisement banner here on Head-Fi that I had not seen before caught my attention. It is for Flatwire. Maybe I am out of it and everyone else has known about this stuff but I am excited this type of thing actually exists...
  5. mritt400

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Not sure if I am going to get flamed for this but it seemed like something that you folks might be interested in. As I am not selling them I felt this would be the appropriate area to post. Denon AHD2000 - New @ $ 249 (Edit: was $215, then $210.60, $215, $199.99, $215, $243) USD from Amazon with...
  6. mritt400

    Anyone recommend an upgrade from PortaPro's for the new guy?

    Calling on the Head-Fi Sages So, this is my first post and I apologize in advance for any perceived or real noob-naiveté as I am just learning. In searching the forum I noticed a mountain of general postings on which headphones to purchase as a result I will try to be as concise as I can...