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  1. duff138

    Budget dap for stacking with FiiO A5?

    This seems interesting. Any model worth looking into?
  2. duff138

    [FiiO M6] Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player,Embracing A Wireless Future

    Anyone compare the M3K to the M6 or M9? Had not thought about this one until you mentioned it.
  3. duff138

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    I emailed and the response was "pls check the color code in the DM6 product page gallery ." I think I am missing someone. I do not see how I can choose and select the color I want. I just want clear Black, no customizing. I can easily choose...
  4. duff138

    [FiiO M6] Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player,Embracing A Wireless Future

    Anyone compare the audio of the M6 and the Fiio M9? Interested in purchasing one of these. Curious how they differ sound wise.
  5. duff138

    Ipod Touch 2nd gen. Suggestions needed...

    Currently have 3rd generation ipod and was going to purchased an 8gb 2nd generation Ipod Touch from my sister for $100. Discovering that my LOD will not work with the Touch, so I'm looking for suggestions for a few things: 1. I need a LOD for this. Probably use it with my Govibe amp. The...
  6. duff138

    Isis Appreciation.

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel Recently picked up debut "red sea" album and it is very different from Oceanic Panopticon etc Had to complete my Isis collection, has very raw edge like early Neurosis, I suspect many fans of above two albums would not like red...
  7. duff138

    Got any good Post/Sludge Metal?

  8. duff138

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hayduke I like that album too, but I am missing what the Sky Valley thing means The album is usually referred to as either "Sky Valley" or "Welcome to Sky Valley" but is really self-titled.
  9. duff138

    Does your iPod LOD spoil easily?

    I started out with a Silver Dragon Send Station Pocket Dock to straight mini. I started having problems, so I sent it back and for $10 had the send station removed and it was converted into a mini-mini cable. I use this now and have gone through 2 TURBODOCKS. After a year or so they both lost...
  10. duff138

    Darkest Desires Part V

    Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel I did actually check out some short samples after seeing drummer was none other than famous vetran Gene Hoglan and they really are pretty good, not truely great but for an Adult Swim cartoon show band they put out amazing high quality music...
  11. duff138

    Boston/N.E. Meet - Sunday, August 26, 2007 (it's actually in Marlborough)

    damn! missed another meet. Just saw this thread this morning. Oh well we were celebrating my sons's birthday anyways. I want a good portable amp, and I'm forcing myself to wait till I can actually listen to a couple first. So I guess it's a good thing, get to keep my money a little longer.
  12. duff138

    Sunn O)))

    daymare recordings, a Japanese label, just re-released 3 Sunn 0))) discs all include bonus discs well worth the extra cash.
  13. duff138

    Sunn O)))

    "The GrimmRobes demos" they're first is a good place to start. Closest to Earth's "Earth 2"
  14. duff138

    Best FLAC converter

    Quote: Originally Posted by mofonyx Autoflac is probably the easiest way to go about configuring EAC to work with FLAC. EAC has an easier integration with *.ape, but *.ape support is limited on DAPs, so... FLAC is the way to go. Best of luck. that's what I do. I have EAC...
  15. duff138

    So is it Rockbox or iTunes?

    Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanspliff oh and if I set it to sync manually I would lose the 20+ gigs of music already loaded so yeah that's a hold up. I guess I will just have to start over. Whatever, the iMod with some E500s is so much fun. Good tunes anywhere I lounge. Is...
  16. duff138

    Rockbox on iRiver H320: A new lease on life

    I'll have to check this player out. I also have a squeezebox, so everything I have is in Flac format, and I'm looking for something decent that'll play Flac instead of having to recode them to mp3.
  17. duff138

    The ultra-portable amplifier for IEMs

    Quote: Originally Posted by aluren you should just get the tomahawk at the intro price if ray still offers it for you. it's definitely worth your money. i'm loving mine. I don't have any IEM right now, just grados sr-80, Koss kcs75, and Senn. 650. I'm not sure if I should just...
  18. duff138

    The ultra-portable amplifier for IEMs

    so when is the 2 week grace period over? Is it today? I posted in time to get the introductory price, but I'm still debabting whether or not I can afford it right now. Actually I can afford it, I just don't know what IEMs I want to buy yet. Still trying to do as much research as possible, so I...
  19. duff138

    from sr225s to HD650?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Davesrose to add another possibility: you might want to try out the HD595. It's more forgiving then the HD650, and if you're coming from Grado, it won't sound as "dark". IMHO, the 650 isn't just has a soundstage and smooth detail in its mids so...
  20. duff138

    The ultra-portable amplifier for IEMs

    Just want to get my name in. Waiting for some payment on a few things, then will have the needed money in my paypal account.
  21. duff138

    ipod lineout-where?

    do a search on this forum for turbodock. It's a very useful adapter, for line out use.
  22. duff138

    Ultradisc or MFSL cd's vinyl worth the price?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Michael415 I was looking at Sting Nothing like the sun The dream of the blue turtles U2 The Joshua Tree The Unforgettable fire War Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong 'again' I don't mind doing a bit of checking around but is there a good place to...
  23. duff138

    iMod -the "ONLY" way?

    I debated between the squeezebox and Imod myself. I ended up getting the Bolder modded Squeezbox, and I'm glad I did. The fact that with a remote I have access to all my music, not just what fits on the ipod, is amazing. I don't have to worry about switching files on and off an ipod. I know...
  24. duff138

    ipod alternative

    some real good deals over at itunes. Refurbished ipods. I think the 30g is $179 and the 2g nano is $99
  25. duff138

    Rock / Heavy Metal Suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by asmox Buy me now. I personally like all their earlier stuff, but you can't go wrong with Death.