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    Save Big on ALL Headphone Models!

    While supplies last, we're clearing out our b-stock and refurbished headphones, here's your chance to save on ALL models!
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    Save on our Hel, Mod-Mic, and AEON headphone bundle clearance sale!

    At $650 our "Hel Yeah" bundle of an AEON RT, Schiit Hel, and Modmic microphone was already a great deal. But Schiit has come out with a version 2 of their Hel, and we have a few units left in inventory, so here's your chance to save even more! Get a Hel, microphone, and AEON RT starting for...
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    Want a Chance to Invest in a Headphone Manufacturer?

    Hey friends! We just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign (this is an SEC regulated vehicle for ownership in the company, it's not a product style crowdfunding). If you've ever wanted to directly invest in and support a small company with products you believe in, here's your chance. There...
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    Dan Clark Audio, Schiit Audio, and Antlion Audio "Hel Yeah!" Bundle

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: WE ARE NOW OFFERING AEON Flow Closed as well as AEON Flow Open. This is a special edition AEON Flow Closed with about 4dB more bass output than the original AEON Flow. We know that with the current hard times lots of people are having to adjust to new work and home life...
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    Sale on demo stock for AEON v1 Headphones

    Here's your chance to save big on our AEON Open and Closed headphones. These were used for USA tradeshows in 2019 and have a laser engraving of "Demo" and a serial number on the back side of the cup. They're lightly used, no more than 100 hours each, and include new ear pads, box and cable, and...
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    Special Sale on B-Stock AEON Headphones

    Hi folks! We have a limited number of NEW B-stock AEON headphones, open and closed, at 15% off. Most of the cosmetic flaws are subtle enough you probably would have a hard time finding them. Also, there's a new upgrade price for those interested in VIVO cables. Quantities are very limited...
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    Sale on Made in USA Headphone Cases

    Our case vendor made a mistake on our last order of cases and produced them in burgundy instead of black. So here's your chance to get a really durable Made in USA headphone case at a great price of only $29.99, vs regular retail of $49.99. In fact, the material used to finish the case is such...
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    Like-New Refurb AEON Holiday Sale

    We have limited quantities of AEON Open and Closed refurb headphones for 15% off, only $679.99. They've got clean boxes and new pads and are like-new quality, and include full warranty. Happy Holidays! Dan and the team
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    Join me in Pittsburgh at Music to My Ear, Saturday Dec 2, 2-4PM

    I'll be visiting one of our first resellers, Music to My Ear, in Pittusburgh from 2-4 PM this weekend. Last year we had a nice time with a great group and had an interactive Q&A and some fun listening. Come and join us, and bring your questions!
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    ETHER C and ETHER C Flow FIFA Tournament Headphone Clearance, 33% off

    We have a number of headphones used in the Electronic Arts FIFA tournament. They have one or more minor blemishes and are branded "MrSpeakers" in red on the sides of the cups. They're on sale at 33% off, with full warranty, your choice of cable termination, and fresh ear pads. If you're...
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    AEON, MrSpeakers' New Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

    We are pleased to announce AEON, our latest closed-back planar magnetic headphone.     All new proprietary planar driver V-Planar driver processing Trueflow motor optimizations NiTinol memory metal headband Super-comfortable circumaural design Genuine leather headband Real carbon fiber cup...
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    "Open Alpha" T50 3D printed headphone project from MrSpeakers

    As a thank you to the Head-Fi community, we're pleased to share a modified version of the Alpha Dog 3D printed headphone for the community to build DIY projects and perhaps improve on the tuning and performance of the headphone.  We are posting this fully unlicensed, though we hope people will...
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    End of Life and Sale on Mad Dog and Alpha Headphones

    After 3 years this is our last run, and both to celebrate and to say thank you, we bought all the last of the T20s, T40s, and T50s to do one last run of these phones, all on sale.     Here's the message that went out tonight:   Yes, it's true.  We are discontinuing ALL our headphones based...
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    Meet Alpha Prime

    We're really excited to introduce MrSpeakers' worst kept secret; Alpha Prime!   Yup.  It LOOKS like an Alpha Dog.       You might think it's the same.     Until you put it on your head and turn on the music.     So what's different?  Well, we re-engineered the legendary Fostex T50RP...
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    NuForce HDP vs. Audio-GD NFB12 or NFB5 (test title change)

    I'm looking for a great DAC/AMP to drive my LCD-2 and T50 orthos in the office.  Looking for a very clean, grain-free presentation with ample headroom.   Of course the challenge is always that short of getting to a meet it's hard to hear these units at all, let alone compare side by side...