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  1. MetalGeek

    Ultrasone HFI-2400: Should you take the red pill?

    Well, after a few months of being satisfied with my rig, I felt the upgrade itch once again.  Curse you, Head-Fi!  I swear, this place is an addiction. :P The primary genre of music that I listen to is metal, and I absolutely love my Grado SR325is for metal.  However, I also enjoy some...
  2. MetalGeek

    Prove to me that I shouldn't buy the Keces DA-151 Mk2

    I'm looking for a USB DAC that is known to be compatible with Linux to go with my brand new Little Dot I+ amp that's on the way (and really needs to hurry up, btw!). I'll mostly be using my SR325is with this setup, although I'll probably end up using my SR225 and HD595 with it as well (if that...
  3. MetalGeek

    Here's a complicated one: Linux + Wine + foobar2000 + USB DAC

    Here's a pretty specialized problem that I'm not sure many people have attempted. It's worth a shot to ask, however. So I'm a Linux user. Currently I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron. My normal media player for music is Audacious, which is sort of a spinoff of Winamp. All that's fine and...
  4. MetalGeek

    Cowon A2 vs. D2

    OK, so after changing my mind about fifteen times, I decided to buy a 16GB Cowon D2. I have heard, however, that the A2 has better sound quality than the D2. This is a bit of a bummer, considering I could get an A2 with nearly twice the capacity as the D2 for about the same amount of money...
  5. MetalGeek

    Should I get a smart phone? (BlackBerry, Palm, etc.)

    OK, my current cell phone plan is about to be up and I'm looking into getting myself a new one in the next month or so. My current phone is a Motorola E815, and I'm pretty sick of it. It's had some issues, especially with charging, and I really want something new. FAST. I'm looking for...