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  2. hebrewbacon

    Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

    I'm using the AK Jr. as a USB DAC, and after following another poster's advice and turning USB 3.0 off in my laptop's BIOS, have sound. However, if I'm using the USB DAC function and hit the power button, the AK Jr. will sometimes connect as removable storage. It's slightly annoying since this...
  3. hebrewbacon

    Getting Hifiman HE-560 -- pros cons of pairing with EF-100 or Chord Mojo

    Hi all,   I loved the HE-560 after having a chance to listen -- seemed to have a lot of the detail and soundstage I love in Stax, but with a richer/warmer sound and more natural bass impact.   I'm looking for opinions on a DAC/Amp pairing. I've listened with Hifiman's own EF-100, but I'm...
  4. hebrewbacon

    DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition).

    I got a pair (the "Truth" edition - cute names) last week from Danny in Singapore and have put in about 50 hours of listening.   Background: -My reference point is a pair of Klipsch X10s while on-the-go and a vintage pair of STAX Lambda Pros paired with the SRM-1MK2. -Two caveats: I've never...
  5. hebrewbacon

    If you could own any pair of headphones in the world what would they be?

    It'd have to be the new STAX SR-009; I've heard they're phenomenal.  BTW, is that still under the Omega II umbrella?
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    STAX Lambda Professional
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    STAX Lambda Professional
  8. hebrewbacon

    Resolved: HELP! STAX SRM-1/MK2 + Lambda Pro has strange hissing noises

    So I just received a STAX SRM-1/MK2 energizer along with Lambda Pros, and while they're doing a great job reproducing sound (for the most part), I'm noticing strange hissing coming from both earspeakers.   The left side has a very slight hiss that sounds like air slowly coming out of a...
  9. hebrewbacon

    Hi Head-Fi! Here's my wallet!

    Ah I'm scared. Well I bought a uDAC-2, and I'll probably hold onto it while I enter the wild world of consulting and, by design, insane business travel. But boy, STAX sound too good to pass up. Time to throw down like $800.  
  10. hebrewbacon

    Getting STAX Lambda Pro's... is uDAC-2 decent as source?

    I've actually been lucky enough to have a roommate (Aflac) who's been slowly working his way up, with me getting to hear his new acquisitions as they've come in.  While the majority of my listening has been on SR60's and AD700's, I've had a lot of time with DT770's, AD2000's, K501's, HF2's and...
  11. hebrewbacon

    Tell me why onboard audio requires an upgrade

    So I've never owned a soundcard or other DAC other than what's built into my motherboard. What have I been missing?  
  12. hebrewbacon

    Getting STAX Lambda Pro's... is uDAC-2 decent as source?

    Title says it all. I'm buying my first good headphone setup - a STAX Lambda Pro with an SRM-1/MK-2 amp, and I need a DAC to go with it.  I'm tentatively planning on a uDAC-2 but am not wedded to the idea. Any insights?  $200 would be my absolute upper limit, but $70-$130 is what I'm really...
  13. hebrewbacon

    steelseries ;-)

    Aww crap, and right when I was thinking I wouldn't have to upgrade my rig before the next LAN.
  14. hebrewbacon

    Beyerdynamics T1 in Seattle and compare to AD2000?

    I haven't had the extensive experience of others here, but I recently got to compare the AD2000 to the T1, and I came away liking the AD2000's a bit more. There's something about the tremendous detail, clarity, and soundstage that I didn't think the T1's could match. I feel like the bass on the...
  15. hebrewbacon

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I think it's sad that the masses are more willing to pay for excellent marketing than excellent quality, and this goes for most items. I love the rare instances when a popular item, even if expensive, really is a top-tier option, even for the price; not only will the owner enjoy the benefits of...
  16. hebrewbacon

    Canon Rebel T1i

    So I'm too lazy to read carefully through every post, but as a Canon T1i owner since December of 2009, I'd say it's a really solid camera, especially for the $500-ish pricepoint.   As for discussion about Nikon vs. Canon, you really need to go into a store and put your hands on these...
  17. hebrewbacon

    Will a HDMI splitter put out the same quality as usual HDMI?

    Make sure your splitter is HDCP compatible. This seems to be an issue, especially with content like Bluray's. Of course, you could try the cheapest option first from Monoprice or the like, and then only if that fails do you spend the considerable sum to get a powered HDCP compliant HDMI...
  18. hebrewbacon

    Headphones under 170

    I'm really partial to AudioTechnica AD700's - the base might be a bit anemic, but it's very tight. Plus the cups are HUGE and PURPLE! People I know say they look pretty cool, and they're comfy as all get out. Save $100 and take your girlfriend out to dinner!
  19. hebrewbacon

    Bose, Wesc, or Dr. Dre?

    Nothing gets more industrial-looking than a pair of STAX Lambda's on your head. Gotta build up your cred, man!
  20. hebrewbacon


    I have a Jawbone Prime, which you can sometimes find in the $20-$25 range. As Edwood was saying, fit is really important -- the little white vibration sensor must be touching your upper cheek or you're going to have people saying they can't hear you. That said, I live in Philly, and it can get...
  21. hebrewbacon

    32in Sanyo?

    I've been extremely satisfied with my LG 32LD450. 120Hz is actually a pretty nice feature, but it can be really odd when you're getting used to it. Also, if you're a Netflix member, it's really, really nice to be able to stream video without worrying about separate boxes and remotes. This being...
  22. hebrewbacon

    Grado Fan Club!

    Mmm... I'd like to see those cups paired with some Jumbos.  Then we'd be talking style.
  23. hebrewbacon

    Yo-yos, because there isn't a thread about them

    I have a Henry's Coral Snake that I bought when I was 13 (kids and their Bar Mitzvah money...).  Thing still works great, and it's got this ceramic bearing that let's it sleep for a minute-plus, even when I was still a young teen (21 now).
  24. hebrewbacon

    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    I recently went from owning SR60's and ATH-AD700's to hearing a pair of SR-007 MK2's courtesy of Woo Audio. Holy crap that was ridiculous - if the chairs weren't so uncomfortable and people hadn't been looking frustrated I'd have been there for hours.
  25. hebrewbacon

    Hi Head-Fi! Here's my wallet!

    I'm a relative newbie, registered since the end of 2008 but just starting to get involved. After the New York Meetup in mid-March, I was pretty wowed by how good some of these headphones sounded, and now I'm buying my first STAX (Lambda Pro's). I'm looking into DAC's and thinking about a uDAC-2...