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    Now the Shure E4s have been re-named and they are Shure SCL4 now (only name and accessories have changed).
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    Getting my Shure E2c put in custom molds?

    I need to say that remolding dynamic driver iems like Shure E2c is rather uncommon. Your other option is to get something like Westone UM56, just with a wider nozzle.
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    can you trust sennheisser cx500 on ebay?

    In the past, I owned a pair of genuine CX500. Now I've got fake CX400s. I was astonished by the fact that the fakes are quite well made. Frankly, apart from sound quality only small gaps between earphone's parts indicate that they are fake. Other differences are noticeable only if you have a...
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    Advice for my first IEM in the $50-$100 range.

    If I were you, I'd buy Westone UM1s, they are my favourite low-price IEMs. They may be a little out of your budget but they are worth their price. They are also quite good with both pop and rock music. Among these you listed I had only UE SF3 and apart from comfort and fit issues they are good...
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    help deciding on entry IEMs

    I've been using all of them except X3is and best isolation provide ER6is. Also, they have the best clarity. For rock music, however, UM1s are the winner.
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    shure e3 vs etymotic 6i vs anything?

    If you want bass, forget about both ER6is and SF3s. I used them with iPod Nano and I couldn't hear any lows. Also with iriver T30 bass was poor. What is more, I find ER6is to be a bit uncomfortable, also microphononics was killing me (to minimalize this effect you have to bother with shirt...
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    Your favorite IEM tips?

    IMO Shure yellow foams are the winners. They are not most comfortable or best isolating one, but with them IEMs sound the best to me. Comparing to other tips sound is less muffled and with less bass. They do not last long however and are not practical. If durability and comfort are your main...
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    Which earphones are as comy as UM1's and in the same price range?

    Quote: you need to retry the e500's with the black foams, those foams are terrific I tried. Of course E500s are really comfy, but UM1s are just more comfy: mainly because of the cable and nozzle angle: while I was lying on my side sometimes E500's nozzle get blocked, UM1s don't have...
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    Which earphones are as comy as UM1's and in the same price range?

    UM1s are the most comfy earphones I have ever had. Even new Shure SE line isn't even nearly as comfy as Westones are. IMO you won't find more comfortable universal IEMs.
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    SR-60 or HD595?

    Remember that Grados here, in Poland, are much more expensive.
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    SR-60 or HD595?

    HD595s and SR60s are totally different sounding headphones. HD595 doesn't have the 'fun' factor which Grado does have, IMO HD595's sound is just boring (I can't say that Senns provide worse SQ, though). They are however way more comfy and if you like Sennheiser style sound, HD595s are the only...
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    LF entry IEMs, around 100 euros/below 150 dollar

    Westone UM1 seems to be best choice at this price range. They are quite good allrounders and IMO they are undoubtedly suitable for Tiesto, Nelly and U2.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    Quote: hey, you guys know any place to find first gen shuffles and skins? For iPod Shuffle 1G you have to look on ebay or something like that. In Poland on (it's kind of Polish eBay) you can get now even new one.
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    iriver clix2 impressions

    Well, hiss is noticeable but not annoying, in fact Clix2 hisses only a little (less than Nano 2G)
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    hd595 or sr60's

    It just depends on what kind of sound you like. I had HD595s and MS1s (which are suppused to play similar to SR60) and despite MS1s had worse SQ they were far more often on my head than Senns
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    Creative V200 dying - which DAP to buy now?

    iriver T60. It meets all your needs except full sized USB
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    Built/design quality!

    Quote: I think these headphones are the weakest headphone in production I think they are quite well made. E500: In some part of E500s rubber thingy attached to earphone slipped out of its position (in happened in my first E500s) Also nozle on which we put on sleeves is too...
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    sub-$100 portable amps?

    iBasso T1 is great amp in this price range
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    iriver clix2 impressions

    Quote: You're surprising me. If there are any players able to show soundstage, they are iRivers ifp/clix series. x2! Hiss: volume attenuator seems to solve this problem.
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    iriver clix2 impressions

    Simple (and quite quick :P ) answer: D2 wasn't in stock and after short conversation with @majkel (Thank you!). When I was going to shop I wanted to get D2 (I could have 20GB on board), but when I heard sound coming from Clix2, I knew that this is it. And I don't regret this decision, every...
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    iriver clix2 impressions

    Well, now I can't hear it even without attentuator. Clix2 hisses only a bit (the least hissing player I've ever heard) and it is audible only when you are in quiet room. I'll check it out when I'll go sleep and write results tommorow
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    Can the Clix 2 take VBR mp3S?

    Of course it can.
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    iriver clix2 impressions

    I think that Clix 2 with E500 just... click OK, seriously, E500 sounds wonderful with Clix2: a bit warm sound with nice soundstage (Clix2 has huge soundstage, but E500 hasn't got this feature). It sounds much better than Nano and Shuffle. iriver Clix2 sounds similar to iriver (in that time...