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  1. bootman

    I always pictured MAC fans to be type B people.

    I guess I was wrong. Total chaos! One lady even tried to charge her cell phone battery while in line.
  2. bootman

    Happy Fathers Day!

    To all Head-Fi dads! Enjoy your day. ...and the rest of you, don't forget your dads today.
  3. bootman

    Rodney Dangerfield Dies at 82

    One of the funniest comedian of our time. RIP.
  4. bootman

    Ultimate SSF PC? Dual Opterons in a SFF?!? I'm a fan of SSF PCs, but this just might be a bit much. I would like to see how hot this would get with two 250s, two 36 gig raptors, a DVD burner, gig of ram, and a X800.
  5. bootman

    First Mac Trojan!

    Now Mac users have something in common with wintel users.,1759,1591850,00.asp
  6. bootman

    Happy Mother's Day (US-March 9th, 2004)

    To all Head-Fiers: Please remember your mother today. If you are a mom, Happy Mother's day to you! Do any other country celebrate a similar holiday? (I know of the UK's Mothering Sunday coming up on the 21st)
  7. bootman

    The year of the Cicada

    They're baaack!!! Anyone on the east cost remember '87? In some places the noise was so loud it deafened you. Quiz: A cicada's life cycle (depending on species) can be 13, 17, or 23 years. What do they all share in common?
  8. bootman

    Anyone own a telescope?

    It's prime viewing this week for all you wannabe astronomers. (myself included) As many as five planets will be visible to the naked eye! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Tonight over the northern hemisphere, I got to see Saturn's rings, Mars, and the goddess of love Venus...
  9. bootman

    How much $ has Head-Fi saved you?

    We always talk about how much money we spend on audio. Our greeting for newbies is "Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet". Have you ever thought how much money you saved by not buying some over priced POS cans? ...or amp ...or CDP ...or whatever? How much money has Head-fi saved...
  10. bootman

    Knoppix linux

    Here is a nice distro that lets you run a complete linux installation off a cdrom. This makes it really easy to try it out without going through a repartition of your exsiting hard drive. Very cool. I'm trying it out now and posted this using the konqueror browser that comes bundled with...
  11. bootman

    New products announcement forum

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the new forum. What are the new rules (if any) for posting pics of new products that we ourselves find on the web?
  12. bootman

    Happy Birthday KR...

    Have a good one bro.
  13. bootman

    Zen NX price alert

    Amazon has these for $259.99 and free shipping. (this is not the xtra) Not a bad price for an authorized dealer. And you can use the Head-Fi Amazon link to order and help the site out.
  14. bootman

    Component Video to VGA adapter

    In my quest to find an affordable HDTV solution I have come across this ingenious solution. KDS- X-Blaster Just click on link for specs. This unit has received a good review. The cheapest place that i have found it online is here. The price was too good not to try...
  15. bootman

    Soul Calibur II

    Has anyone tried this out for the xbox/ps2/GC ? I just got the xbox version over the weekend and after a few hours of playtime I have a mini review of it. The good. Visuals: Excellent graphics and fluid character motions makes for a stunning presentation. (The characters Ivy and Taki...
  16. bootman

    Pretty cool computer cases from GMCorp.

    I have not heard of this Korean company but they seen to make some pretty nice computer cases with some unique features that I have not seen before. All cases feature silicone dampening materials. Some models let you switch from speaker out to headphone out even if your soundcard does...
  17. bootman

    Zeitner and Klaus Kobec watches.

    I looked through the old watch threads and I didn't find anything about this UK watch maker. They seem to have very attractive prices and some good looking watches. Any UK head-fiers have any experience with them? This one caught my eye. The Klaus Kobec Couture Sports Steel...
  18. bootman

    Search not working?

    Is the almighty search function not working for everyone?
  19. bootman

    Batman Deadend

    I just checked this new (for me) mini batman film. Great stuff. Warning: its a 48meg download.
  20. bootman

    Mac OSX port to intel?

    Should Apple port their OS X over to X-86 hardware?
  21. bootman

    What the heck is a Sound Wing?

    I first saw this in Stereophile. At first I thought it was an april fool ad but it can be found in the current (May) issue. Description: Quote: A natural headphone. The sound cups will catch more sound waves for your ears. Wear this and enjoy the enriched sound of music from...
  22. bootman

    Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier With 5.1 Channel Surround Sound and Dolby Pro-Logic II

    Features: • Vacuum-tube based • Dolby Pro Logic II decoding • Center width adjustment • Bass Blend • Hi EQ • Dimension control • Multiple inputs • Outputs (LF, CF, RF, LR, RR, Sub) Side Outputs (LS, RS) • Clean simple control panel faceplate • 7.1 Loop-Thru Drool...
  23. bootman

    Cookware recommendations

    I know some of our fellow Head-fiers are skilled in the culinary arts. I found some good reading here and here. Now I would like your recommendations on cookware. I'm looking to get a starter set with a budget of about $400. Any recommendations? Cast iron, anodized aluminum, stainless...
  24. bootman


    Very funny stuff. Check it out here. Warning: The site contains videos that are not for the faint of heart.