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  2. xiaoipower

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Hi all,   My brother is after some headphones to use with his ipod and I have not kept up to date with the headphone market over the last few years so was hoping for some advice.   The budget would be a maximum of £300 and top priority would be:   1) Capable of being driven by ipod...
  3. xiaoipower

    How much better is Apple lossless quality?

    your question has been endlessly debated and often brings about heated arguments - your best bet is to simply do some blind testing yourself - put a few pair of songs on your ipod (lossless and vbr) then see if you can honestly distinguish between them - then decide if there is an audible...
  4. xiaoipower

    Westone 3 vs. IE8. A Review.

    nice review - personally I prefer the sound signature of the IE8s but due to the lack of isolation compared to triple flange W3s - the W3s win for portable use
  5. xiaoipower

    Sennheiser IE7

    The IE8's are also available at a very low price of £135
  6. xiaoipower

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    hockeyb213 could you please clarify this Black Wednesday thing for us non-US buyers? I guess you mean 9-11am Central Time...?
  7. xiaoipower

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Personally I don't think that music_4321 meant to be patronising or condescending to youngsters. In all fairness his general advice is quite valid, younger people are more likely to be less experienced with the various gears being talked about. We've lived a shorter period of time so chances are...
  8. xiaoipower

    Which IEM {IE8 VS. W3} would suit me better?

    I have heard both and from your description of what you're after I would vote for the IE8s. This is because of the rather numberous complaints about the treble on the W3s which you say you are sensitive to. The only con about the IE8s for me was the lack of isolation, if that isn't too much of a...
  9. xiaoipower

    IEM Brand Elmination Game!

    Alien Ears 10 Altec Lansing 10 AKG 10 Apple 9 Audio-Technica 10 Beyerdynamic 10 Bose 3 - Crossroads 10 Denon 11 Etymotic 10 - Hurt Futuresonics 11 Grado 10 Head-Direct 12 Jays 9 JH Audio 13 JVC 11 Klipsch 13 Livewires 10 MEElectronics 10 Monster 11 Nuforce 10 Panasonic 9...
  10. xiaoipower

    So excited!

    welcome to purgatory - hope you grew your finger nails in preparation
  11. xiaoipower

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    hey guys - not sure if this question has been asked before, if so I apologise. But is the cable similar to the standard UE cable? I found that the cable went a bit rigid after a month of use or so - but then again I'm become accustomed to Westone cables^^ Also how heavy and thick is the cable...
  12. xiaoipower

    Japanese Hair Stylists in Liverpool?

    Ok so the title says it all really - does any one know if there are any Japanese or Chinese hair stylists in Liverpool? A phone number and rough location would be amazing!
  13. xiaoipower

    Logic Puzzle

    Hey guys, Firstly this post has nothing to do with anything audio. I heard a logic puzzle a few days ago that has been puzzling me but I can't remember the exact question. Maybe you guys can either solve it, or if my memory is faulty, give me the right question (and answer hopefully)...
  14. xiaoipower

    Question to ACS custom tip owners

    Anyone with any kind of custom tips have any experience of this?
  15. xiaoipower

    Question to ACS custom tip owners

    Hi all, At the time of writing this post I have just received my ACS custom tips - unfortunately after eagerly awaiting them for almost 3 weeks now I find myself very underwhelmed. Ok just to give a brief background - I bought these for my W3s because I experienced all the problems that...
  16. xiaoipower

    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    hehe - I can feel your frustration/passion for the W3's HA - I'll certainly give these a fair listen Soozieq: thanks for the support! did you have any luck with the trip flanges?
  17. xiaoipower

    Westone 3 now £345 at PJBOX UK?

    Quote: Originally Posted by NicktheNorse Yes they are - from a new supplier sometime in mid-january at a price of £289 inc VAT. hmmm... i wonder how they feel about you leaking this info, given that it means less people will buy their current stock @ 303
  18. xiaoipower

    Westone 3 now £345 at PJBOX UK?

    Jim - mind sharing with us what the total cost of the UM56s came to? inc making impressions and what not tia
  19. xiaoipower

    Westone 3 now £345 at PJBOX UK?

    Speaking of Hifi-Headphones, I spoke to Shuan recently and he told me that we might see them carrying the Westone 3 around January. No indication of price of though - I think he said they're going through a different distributor so the lower limit might not be £303. fingers crossed
  20. xiaoipower

    King of the IEM world (universal fit); W3 vs TF10 vs IE8

    whoever is rich enough to own all 3 - lets be friends ^^
  21. xiaoipower

    Why the heck are people dissing the SA6 for being a single driver?

    Quote: Originally Posted by digivate I guess sarcasm doesn't translate that well on a forum Its hard to guess your intonation from text ^^
  22. xiaoipower

    Why the heck are people dissing the SA6 for being a single driver?

    Quote: Originally Posted by digivate Yeah, good point ... the SA6 took 3 years of development, as opposed to all those dual and triple driver IEMs that could easily have been knocked together in a couple of hours or less. I doubt that UE or Shure came up with either the TF10...
  23. xiaoipower

    Comfort + fun sound + budget $400 =

    I doubt the is a great choice if number one priority is comfort. Shure line would probably be better.
  24. xiaoipower

    Utterly frustrated with IEM choice

    I would skip the 5 pros if you can afford the triple.fis. They are great 'fun' earphones but you'll begin how much clearer the triple.fis can sound after a while. Might as well save the £120 you would spend on them and jump straight for the triples, I got mine for £170ish including p+p.
  25. xiaoipower

    Do you really need a portable amp for IEM's??

    I think dookiex makes a great point there. For the most part, you will hear a difference when you go looking for one. Which of course, means your method of testing is already biased. For the kind of money you spend I think you shouldn't have to look for the reasons why you bought it, the...