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    Impedance adapter?

    Are the little 3.5mm to 3.5mm impedance increasing dongles safe? I want to increase iem (lz a6 mini, 23 ohms or so iirc) impedance to use with creative g5 dac/amp (35 ohms minimum). Some say these adapters are unsafe. Is this true? Or are they fine?
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    Looking for sub 50 (maybe considering around 70 if it's a good deal) chi fi iem

    Hey all, Im looking for recommendations for sub 50 chi fi iems, since i intend to buy a pair when my internship ends as a little reward. (head-fi'ers can have a little chifi, as a treat) Asfar as I know, I think I prefer forward mids (id almost say a very mild inverted v shape) with tight...