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  1. BlueSundays

    Amp for Sony Z1Rs

    So I have a Violectric V200 that Im using for a Z1R and I think it might be a bit much in the low end. I never thought Id say that but well, its okay but Id like something with a little more sizzle on top and a little tighter on the bottom end. Im open to tube amps that dont bloat (as I always...
  2. BlueSundays

    Suggestions for Solid State Amp for Eikon (upgrading from Crack)

    Just like the title says. Im looking for an amp, preferably a solid state amp, that will be a solid (ba dum tiss) upgrade from the Crack amp with 7236 Tung Sol power tube for my ZMF Eikons. I understand there might be some apples to oranges involved because of Tubes vs Solid state but Thats okay...
  3. BlueSundays

    upgrade from beyer 990 premium?

    Hello. Unfortunately the cable on my 2006 beyer 990s disintigrated and I pulled it apart trying to straighten it out. I tried splicing the wires back together but it didnt work. Well, I think its time for some new cans. I have tried many many cans over the years Senn 580-650, beyer 880, 990...
  4. BlueSundays

    Looking for a portable amp for high impedance headphones less than $200 (beyer t1 )

     Just like the thread says. Im looking for a portable amp that properly can power higher impedence cans such as my T1s and 990dt.  Of course just being able to be loud is not properly amplifying said headphone. The only high quality amps I know around this price are the O2 and fiio e12. Im...
  5. BlueSundays

    A portable/ transportable amp for the Beyer T1s under $200 (will get dac latah!)

      Im getting a pair of T1s soon after a very long layoff into the high end foray.  Any how I was wondering if someone could suggest a portable amp for the T1s. this will be for mostly computer based audio, as I am getting a Speedball Crack but that will be tied to my SCD-555es. I know it will be...
  6. BlueSundays

    Senn 650's burnt out???

    Ive had my pair of 650s since they first came out. used em rode em hard and put em away wet. as of late they have sounded bright and without the depth and fullness of sound I am used to. Does any one think this might be due to the drivers wearing out or something to that extent?? Just...