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  1. BbOO

    Warm, exiting headphones with a large soundstage (100-150usd)

    Hi there,   I am looking to upgrade from my Beyerdynamic DT880 premium 250 ohm. I used these with Little Dot MK3 and Schiit Modi, and while the sound was accurate i assume, it was just a bit boring and cold, i think. It was never inviting or exiting. I also used them without this combo, and...
  2. BbOO

    Uprade from SRH840 and Fiio E10

    So i have been enjoying my SRH840 + Fiio E10 for few months but i need to explore some better combinations. While i like this combo, i would like a set that would sound more fuller, warmer, wider and more engaging. I mostly listen from my laptop (so portability is not an issue). Genres include...