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  1. LuckyKarma

    Anywhere to buy a combo pack of Shure e2c foamies?

    I'm looking to switch out the tips on my JVC Marshmallows, the stock ones just hurt my ears too much to put in. I have no clue which size of the foams to get, is there any place that sells a few pairs of each size in a package? I really don't want to order 10 of each if a lot of them won't even...
  2. LuckyKarma

    How bright is the Sony v6/7506?

    I'm thinking about putting my HD555s up for trade for a new all-around can, and I've been hearing completely different sides on the v6/7506. On tranceaddict, there is a huge thread of people praising the v6/7506, while here there are people who like them, and people who say they are junk. How...
  3. LuckyKarma

    Paul van Dyk uses Sony 7506s!

    Here's a pretty recent pic, I figured he'd be using those Pioneer HDJ1000s that all the electronica DJs are raving about:
  4. LuckyKarma

    Shorten (.shn) plugin for foobar2000

    I'm looking for the foo_shn plugin for foobar2000, but I am unable to access the guy who designed/hosted the plugin's site. I was wondering, does anyone here have the foo_shn plugin in their Components folder that you can upload to yousendit or something? I would REALLY appreciate it
  5. LuckyKarma

    Looking for an amp for a Grado SR225...

    I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of Grado SR225s. I've never owned an amp before and don't know much about amplification, but is it a general rule that the SR225 needs an amp? Portability is not a factor as this will probably only be used for home listening. I would like to spend less than...
  6. LuckyKarma

    Check out the best offer for Sony headphones EVER!!!!

    i bet there's no chance you're singkwan123 right? whoa.. i got bumped above the OP
  7. LuckyKarma

    DIY alternatives to hearing aids?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but my grandfather is really hard of hearing but doesn't really want hearing aids, and my dad said that today at the doctor he used this contraption that he clipped onto his shirt and it amplified what the doctor was saying and all the sounds in the...
  8. LuckyKarma

    Sennheiser HD497s $44.84 shipped at Amazon

    I thought this was a pretty sweet deal, I went ahead and ordered a pair of them. There is no price listed on the page, but when you add them to your cart the price shows up as $44.84 and is eligible for free super saver shipping HD497s @ Amazon cheers!