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  1. Furieux

    AKG K550 burn-in !?

    I never been a believer of the burn-in process, but I just witnessed the biggest sound transformation ever....   5 PM : Putting on my K550 for the first time 5:30 PM: I want to be refunded, they suck big time. I feel like listening to AM Radio....   8 hours later : Damn this is the best...
  2. Furieux

    Best amp/dac combo I can get for 500$

    Quote: I don't care if it is separate or not, I'm looking for the best :)   The Audio-GD is pretty ugly tho...
  3. Furieux

    Best amp/dac combo I can get for 500$

    Title says it all, I'd like to know what is the best setup I could get for 500$. As a source I would use my iPhone 5 (lighting) or iPod Nano (32 pin). I want a desktop amp and dac. Also, do you have any recommandations for better source ?
  4. Furieux

    What are the most overpriced headphone you ever bought ?

    Quote: No girls were included !! Maybe the first owner used it ? That would justify why he sold it for 100$ instead of 300.... haha
  5. Furieux

    What are the most overpriced headphone you ever bought ?

    The title says it all. I recently got a pair of AERIAL7 A-List absolute royale used (paid 100$), but they are selling at 300$ according to multiple retail website.   These cans are fancy, they look good when they are on the table but once you put them on you head you like like an idiot...
  6. Furieux

    Portable amp under 200$ to pair with my AKG K702 (Considering desktop)

    I need a portable amp cause I want to use it with my ipod from time to time, but the main use will be in the studio. In the studio the amp wil be paired with an audio interface (m-audio fast track pro) that has a 1/4'' monitoring output.   I want it to be under 200$ and I was already looking...
  7. Furieux

    Too good to be true ?

    Quote: auctions are over.... or maybe he deleted his account. ?
  8. Furieux

    Too good to be true ?

    Chances are that you will receive a package from Hong Kong...   They told me they don't have the item in hand so probably they are buying it on another website like dealextreme then just put your adress as the shipping adress.   The good thing is that you have their paypal address, so...
  9. Furieux

    Too good to be true ?

    Quote: Good Luck !
  10. Furieux

    Too good to be true ?

    thanks guy ! I'm staying away ! :P
  11. Furieux

    TT to Amp to Soundcard to Monitors Question

    Hi guys, i'm not sure if i'm at the right place, but i know there's a lot of people who knows a lot about audio equipment on this forum     here's my question At home, i have a Pioneer PL-540 TT like this and an Onkyo amplifier like this I also have a M-Audio Fast track...
  12. Furieux

    A noob needing advice for studio

    wow guys i wasn't expecting such help.   The beyerdynamic are a little bit expensive for my budget.   I'm leaning toward the ATH-M50   They look great and are really afordable. under 130$ us shipped on ebay !     Anyone has studio headphone for sell ?
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