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  1. Argo Duck

    Meier Audio Daccord

    New equipment from Jan Meier is always an occasion. In the last few hours Jan announced technical details of his new DAC in the Meier Audio Stagedac thread. More information at his website.   Some notable differences from the Stagedac., e.g. looks like careful attention to jitter control...
  2. Argo Duck

    Schiit Bifrost vs Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC and Meier Corda Stagedac

    Updates and where to find them are listed here   1. 22/23 November: Added comments to 'Part (a) Highs'  based on listening with my old Stax Lambda Pro. Obviously, the Corda Concerto was not involved.   2. 20/21 December: See post 48 (p.4) for tentative comments of Beyer T1 with...