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  1. dj_mocok

    Teach me how to make lunch!

    The easiest and cheapest lunch is sandwich - perfect for poor uni students. Buy sandwich, some hams, cheese, lettuce, mayo, mustard and mix it up. If you're getting bored with ham, change to nutella. Or fried egg sunny side up well done, put it as sandwich filling, smear with tomato ketchup
  2. dj_mocok

    What gift for gf?

    I have to admit babies make nice present.
  3. dj_mocok

    Question About Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and The Bluetooth Transmitter

    I just ordered myself: - Sennheiser PXC 310 BT - Sennheiser BTD 300   But I don't know much about Bluetooth technology as I've never had a single BT device. My question is with these combo (which is supposedly easy to connect), how do we go about connecting the two? Just turn on the...
  4. dj_mocok

    Can a Computer Virus/Trojan Infect Cell Phone?

    Yesterday while checking my yahoo mail I foolishly opened an email disguised as USPS parcel delivery notice. It has 2 attacthments, first was a jpg and second one was .bat I downloaded the jpg one and its just a 5kb picc of USPS logo. Then when I was about to download the bat file, I just...
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    HTC Desire HD or iPhone 4?

    I've read quite a few reviews but still not quite decided yet. I can get a new phone when my contract expires in June. So strictly phone-speaking (not carrier as I'm in Australia), which one do you think it's more suitable for me if my main usage are for: - phone call of course, but all...
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    Steiff Teddy Bears

    Actually Steiff US had a competition for Steiff owners whose bears got some interesting stories behind them. The one who got picked will have the honour of Steiff turning their bear into a limited edition bear and they will get the No.1 which is usually reserved for archive. This year's one I...
  7. dj_mocok

    Steiff Teddy Bears

    Quote: Thanks he is one of my favourites. But can't let the other bears know or they'll get jealous.
  8. dj_mocok

    Steiff Teddy Bears

    Quote: Your bear has a beer belly
  9. dj_mocok

    Steiff Teddy Bears

    That's right. I think their plan was to move it to China so that they could (obviously) save cost, but what happened was, it took almost a year or something like that to properly train staff to be able to make the bear properly, and the staff just left after they learned the tricks. Plus there...
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  11. dj_mocok

    Steiff Teddy Bears

    Steiff Teddy Bears, what do you guys think of them? Any collectors (who are man enough to admit)?
  12. dj_mocok

    How to Make a Website?

    I am currently using Blogspot to host my stuff but I don't like the fact that older posts seem to be buried deep. Thinking to make a website to park all my reviews so that they are easily found under tags. eg. tag 1 - lenses tag 2 - cameras And I don't mind paying subscription fee.  ...
  13. dj_mocok

    Corn Kernels - Yum

    Yep it's not fattening unless after that then you have a generous size of warmed chocolate mud cake with melting chocolate in the middle.
  14. dj_mocok

    Is it illegal to wear underwear in public?

    It is not illegal to wear only an underwear in public.  However, if you wear only underwear and you combine that with wearing a yellow hat, now that's illegal.
  15. dj_mocok

    Corn Kernels - Yum

    Warm, juicy, sweet corn kernels served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, mixed with a nice quality melted butter... yum.... I want one now
  16. dj_mocok

    When was the last time you bought a CD?

    Quote: You must be rich. Who's your pimp I want in
  17. dj_mocok

    Why did you join headfi?

    I joined Headfi because I was looking for a decent wireless headphones, I think it was the Pioneer DIR800C or something earlier. Now seven years ahead, I still don't own the damn headphones. I remember Bangraman when I joined headfi.
  18. dj_mocok

    Need Someone Who Can Read French To Translate This

    Thanks for the translation guys. I am still not sure what she means by 2 square pieces connected together, but I guess we'll find out since we already purchased the item and on its way. Funny that during the whole communication process, I kept sending her message in English explaining I didn't...
  19. dj_mocok

    THE best female vocals? (your favorite female singers)

    Baker, Anita
  20. dj_mocok

    Need Someone Who Can Read French To Translate This

    You are lucky I am not Chuck Norris, or else I'd be tracking you down armed with semi automatic Quote:
  21. dj_mocok

    Need Someone Who Can Read French To Translate This

    Looks like there are no French people in this board...