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  1. Andrew Jones

    Daemon or Rhythm?

    Under Ubuntu 9.10 I have 2 music players appearing to use replaygain properly and providing gapless playback for flac files: mpd with gmpc and Rhythmbox (needs a plugin for replaygain). Both took a lot more effort to get working than the "equivalent" windows apps (such as foobar2000), but now...
  2. Andrew Jones

    Normalise flac on a DAP?

    MP3 Gain works well to normalise MP3s for DAP playback. Replaygain in Foobar2000 works well for normalising flac from a PC. Is there any way of normalising flac on a DAP? I have a Vibez and I'm thinking about getting an S9, now that the larger ones are available. If I can't find a way to...
  3. Andrew Jones

    Tips to improve HD650 comfort

    I have a new pair of HD650s and (possibly because I have a big head!) find the clamping force a bit too much. Any suggestions on how I can make them more comfortable? Or is it just a case of wearing them until they relax a bit? I'm loathe to bend them far enough to alter the metal band as I'm...
  4. Andrew Jones

    How many types of DT-770???

    Hi, I've just canceled my order for a pair of Denon D2000s because there doesn't seem to be any supply in the UK and I'm fed up of waiting . I'm looking for an alternative pair of closed 'phones and the DT-770 looks a good bet, except there appear to be a multitude of models out there: DT770...