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  1. thisissomebs

    Did I break my ATH-M50's already?

    Amped through a Magni/Modi combo, literally I've had them for about a week and I've gotta be honest I have been playing them pretty loud. But still, what the ****.   In every song I listen too on YouTube now, all I hear is a slight crackling sound in my headphones. In. Every. Song.   What...
  2. thisissomebs

    So are there any car audio fans on here?

    Even the most expensive and top of the line headphones such as the Sennheiser HD800 coupled with a powerful DAC and amp will never be able to compare to what it feels like to have a few subs, high ends speakers and tweeters, properly installed with its own amp in your car.   I've heard a few...
  3. thisissomebs

    What's wrong with this track? (mastered poorly I think)

      I think the producer really messed up the mastering, you guys hear all the crackling right?
  4. thisissomebs

    Why are some headphones labeled "studio headphones?"

    Please tell me.   Honestly I'm in the search of a powerful pair of headphones for the purpose of audio production.   And through my search I have found some headphones that are not so expensive like the $130 Audio Technica ATH-M50's which are labeled as "studio monitors" while I see...
  5. thisissomebs

    Can you plug a Fiio E17 into a laptop?

    And use it to power headphones?