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  1. vyyye

    New portable, €150ish

    Hey,   Recently been to Korea and picked up a Cowon J3 relatively cheap (€160) and now I want to get some good headphones/earphones to go along with it. I also got an e-mail from Amazon regarding the Black Friday sales week which piqued my interest. Wondering about what headphones I should...
  2. vyyye

    The STX of 5.1?

    Hi,   Going to buy the AH D-2000 soon and was thinking of combining it with the STX. I found out that it doesn't support 5.1 however and my computer speakers are 5.1 (Logitech Z5550). Supposedly there is a digital adapter included with the card that will let me use the Z5500s, though without...
  3. vyyye

    AH-D2000, Asus STX and a Fiio E7

    Hey,   Done some research and eventually decided to get the AH-D2000 (after missing a deal of the D5000 for about the same price, damn I'm mad about that). It's my first venture into any good headphones, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for changes to this? I want the STX for my...