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  1. dwilson9@tiscali

    Sennheiser PXC 450 VS Sennheiser PXC 350 VS Bose QC 2 VS Bose QC3

    I have owned Senn PXC250 and still own Bose QC3. And I hate them both! SQ, weight, battery hassle, poor NR ... completely outplayed by decent IEMs.
  2. dwilson9@tiscali

    Hearing Loss

    A recent test by a consultant audiologist in Cambridge told me my left hearing is average whilst my right hearing is above average for my age. I always use ear plugs in noisy environments like concerts as extreme noise always makes my ears ring for a day or so. I use IEMs mainly and set the...
  3. dwilson9@tiscali

    So... What are your portable systems like?

    iPhone 16Gb + Send Station pocket dock + home-made HQ interconnect + C&C Box v2 + whatever IEMs I feel like that day (SE530/Ety HF2/Sleek).
  4. dwilson9@tiscali

    Is Graham Slee really the only British portable amp manufacturer ?

    Hifi Headphones (a UK retailer and HeadFi sponsor) are listing some iBasso products but, like the manufacturer in China, they're out of stock at present.
  5. dwilson9@tiscali

    Plugs recommended for ER4Ps

    Etymotic's orange/pink foam tips are brilliant, they stay in my ears and provide the very best isolation. And no, the Etys are not fragile - but if you abuse anything it will break!.
  6. dwilson9@tiscali

    Old shure E3C - Send it back or not?

    I had E3c's for a couple of years, sold them on e-Bay and put the money towards SE530's. If you can afford it you won't regret it. Alternatively Ety ER4P if you prefer their more clinical audio balance (which as a Shure fan, you probably don't...).
  7. dwilson9@tiscali

    Current Outstanding canalphones/IEMs from Top End to Bottom End

    Lewislink, your argument doesn't convince me. Your list contains a number of IEMs that I own, SE530, V-moda vibes, CX300, Sony mdr-90, none of which I can listen to for any length of time because of their woolly bass performance. They make the music disappear - which the Etys I own bring back to...
  8. dwilson9@tiscali

    Etymotic ER-4ps still respected?

    ER-4p or the closely related Altec IM716 are both excellent (the latter can sometimes be picked up cheaply on e-Bay - mine were BNIB for £30). If you want something cheaper with the same sound signature use the ER6i. Not many reviews or comments but Ety reckon the new HF2 is very close to the...
  9. dwilson9@tiscali

    Need a good Set of earphones With Lots of bass!

    V-moda vibe duo are (over) full of bass, as are my preferred choice of Shure Se530. But they are pricey.
  10. dwilson9@tiscali

    Scared by 530's cables

    I've used SE530 with PTH for over a year now without any problems. Never had issues with past Shure 'phones either. And very low microphonic effect - you can flick the cables and don't hear a thing! However, they do work best for me with Conply or Etymotic foam tips - the older yellow Shure ones...
  11. dwilson9@tiscali

    Most comfortable open portable ?

    I use and recommend PX100 for in-home use. I use mine with a C&C v2 head amp which suits them well. The sound is slightly more open and livelier than the PortaPros, which I've also got, with a less "thick" bottom end. This side of the Atlantic they're frequently on sale as low as £18.
  12. dwilson9@tiscali

    closed/ noise cancelling headphones for airplane?

    I've tried Ety R6i and ER4p; Shure E3c and E4c, Sennheiser PX300 and CX300. Like them all but not on a plane so now use Logitech noise canceling 'phones. For some reason they work for me.
  13. dwilson9@tiscali

    The C&C Box Sexy Pictorial...

    Got mine from e-Bay seller Lina Store. Arrrived safely but attracted an additional £25/$50 charge from UK customs!!! It's a good unit and works well with Sennheiser HD201s and Grado SR-60s. OK with Shures too, but as always with IEMs the fit of the driver in the ear is important.