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  1. struts

    Headroom cancelled my HD800 Pre-order! Strong-arm tactics by Sennheiser.

    Received the enclosed from Jorge at Headroom on 2/4: Quote: Hello struts, Thanks for your HeadRoom pending pre-order for Sennheiser HD800 headphones. Unfortunately, we have been informed today by Sennheiser corporate that HeadRoom can not legally send, sell, or ship the HD800...
  2. struts

    Stockholm mini-meet 11-12th September - Mark your calendars!

    I was wondering if there were any Swedish head-fi members interested in getting together. I poked around a bit on this board but couldn't find any record of a Swedish meet being attempted, apologies if I missed it. My suggestion is that we could get together informally at or in conjunction...
  3. struts

    Lawton Audio LA2000 impressions

    Just received my LA2000s, had them about 72 hours now and had to share my initial impressions with you all. In short, these are quite simply the best cans I have ever heard. For me at least they make discussions of Sennheiser-versus-AKG completely moot. I ordered them unheard based on a...