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  1. Arnoldhasmail

    Singlepower MPX3

    Hi Folks, I recently received my has a Supra transformer, blackgates, p2p silver wire and the solen upgrade. I've been listening with the recommended KenRad input tube and the Sylvania outputs. I had the oportunity to hear this amp in different configurations and found this setup to...
  2. Arnoldhasmail

    Recable an AKG 701

    Does anyone recable these cans...I love them but feel sure they have more to offer...any news yet?
  3. Arnoldhasmail

    go-vibe 4 and op-amps

    What's the difference in sound using the stock op-amp versus the AD8397 or the AD8620? Anybody try them all? Thanks
  4. Arnoldhasmail

    Sound Card or DAC / $600

    Who makes the best sound card in the $600 and down price range? Internal/External... Or do you just buy a good card with digital out and buy a dac? Opinions...
  5. Arnoldhasmail

    AKG 701 CAble

    Has anyone figured out how to open up the K701's? I'd love to try a cable mod but can't find a way to open them... Come on guys...someone has to know something about these cans...
  6. Arnoldhasmail

    Digital Out

    Can anyone explain why Ipods and Creative Lab Mp3 players don't have digital out...Are these companies THAT stupid that they don't realize a power user would like the option of using a decent DA converter/output as opposed to the trash they supply with the units.
  7. Arnoldhasmail

    Singlepower MPX3 ordered

    I took the plunge today! It's my birthday so I ordered a Singlepower MPX3 with PIO Caps, Solen I upgrade, a second headphone jack and P2P wiring done in copper... I started looking at amps half the price and slowly convinced myself 'I needed this'... I can't wait to get it but feel a...
  8. Arnoldhasmail

    HD 600 and HD 650

    I'm a long time fan of the HD600's with the Zu cable. I'm considering upgrading to the HD650's and using my zu cable. Do most users of the HD600 like the HD650? Do the 650's have that same style sound but better or are they a departure in style for Senn.? I received a great quote from...
  9. Arnoldhasmail

    AKG 501 Cable Upgrade

    For anyone who cares...I modded a pair of AKG 501's with a CAT5 cryo cable. I started with a stock pair of cans that I loved except the lack of bass and what I perceive as a slight thiness in the midrange...especially at higher volume. I used three single strands of the cat5 cable and braided...
  10. Arnoldhasmail

    Re-wiring AKG 501's

    Does anyone have experience re-wiring 501's? I'm considering using Cat5 cryo wire. I see the cable comes into the left can and uses a common ground. HOW DOES THE SIGNAL GET TO THE RIGHT CAN? Is a wire run through the headband somehow or is the metal band used as a Trace. Any comments or...