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    USB MIDI Keyboards?

    I've wanted to learn how to play the keyboard for a long while, so I've been looking around on a decent beginner keyboard. Any recommendations for a decent beginner keyboard for around $100 or less? I was looking at the older M-Audio Keystation 49e but I really have no idea what I'm buying...
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    Who here skates? I have a short board and a 46" cruiser back home and just bought a Sector Nine 9 Star for campus cruising. Any other skaters on Head-Fi?
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    Fixing and Recasing an MPX3?

    I bought Grawk's Toaster MPX3 a few years ago and it has been working ok however, it was damaged during shipping so it has had a quiet hum in one channel and a slightly broken spst switch since I bought it. With all the recent talk of the Singlepower disaster, I was wondering how much you guys...
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    Anyone know what the difference between metal film and carbon film resistors are? I've heard that carbon film resistors aren't quite as good as metal film in terms of audio applications, is this true?
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    Theta Cobalt 307

    I found a cheap Cobalt 307 DAC that I'm going to be picking up soon but I can't find many reviews on it. I know it's old but I found it for a very good price so I would imagine that it should offer good bang for the buck? I'm not looking for the newest, highest oversampling DAC, just something...
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    Soldering Station not turning on?

    I have a 936 clone that's not turning on, is there anything I can do to fix it? The iron doesn't get hot but one of the resistors (Don't know if that's the right term) on the board gets really hot and I can smell a faint smell of burning. It was working fine when I left it but it hasn't been...
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    Singlepower MPX3 Problems

    I just received my toaster MPX3 today and it has a few problems. I'll probably try and contact Mikhail sometime this week, but I thought that maybe you guys could help me diagnose what's wrong with my amplifier in the mean time. The main problem that's bothering me right now is a constant hum...
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    Paypal verification question

    I was recently notified in my account (Well, my sister's account strictly speaking) that I am only $260 from reaching the send limit for the account. I know there's no way possible way I've spent $10k in the past month so it must not reset monthly but does it ever reset or is it a permanent...
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    Anyone looking forwad to Call of Duty 4?

    I just played the demo the other night, and wow! I stopped gaming about five years ago but this game just really drew me in, things certainly have progressed since I got out. I think I'll be picking a copy up around Thanksgiving. Anyone else play the demo?
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    Annoyed with USPS...

    I went in to the local post office to ship out a package via Priority International today and even though their website specifically states that PMI packages can be tracked through their online tracking service, the lady I spoke with would not get it out of her head that the only way I could get...
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    DVI Cable help

    I recently moved my gear around so I now need a longer cable for my monitor. Right now I'm running a VGA cable but since I need a new cable, I figured I might as well upgrade to DVI at the same time. I'm not really looking for something high end, just something to ge the signal from A to B so I...
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    Best earphones for small ears?

    My girlfriend has small ears so the stock ibuds always fall out when she's working out so I'm looking to get her something that will fit her much better. It's been a while since I've researched earphones since I've switched to full size cans long ago so what would your recommendation be for a...
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    Upgrading Amplifier's IEC Socket?

    The iec socket on my amplifier isn't exactly what I'd call high end, so it doesn't provide a very tight fit on any of my AC cords, aftermarket or stock, so I'm looking for one that will have a better grip on my power cords. I've been looking at a Rhodium/Silver Furutech and a Cryo Silver ACME...
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    EMU 1212m and movies

    Hey guys, I've had the 1212m for a while now but just noticed that the 1212m is not capable of playing DVDs that do not have the option of stereo surround sound. Up until this point I hadn't really noticed it since the DVDs I was playing were 2.0 compatible but recently I watched some DVDs that...
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    First Class Mail International?

    How many people have shipped things out via USPS's new First Class International mailing service? I understand that it is replacing the surface mail but the name then is a little misleading. Is it like the US where it will reach its destination within a week? Or is it like the old surface mail...
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    Terrible distortion with EMU 1212m, Please help!

    So I tried playing some music on my computer today and even though the music played, there was terrible distortion throughout the song. It sounded like a badly tuned radio, none of the notes rang clear, highs were fuzzy, and bass was really really bad, think blown subwoofer bad. I really have no...
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    March: Free mini to mini interconnect!

    I have received a lot from this community so it's time for me again to give back and contribute something to the wonderful members here. This month, I will be offering another free mini to mini interconnect. It is constructed from 22awg silver plated copper, measures 12" long, and is terminated...
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    AHHHHHHHHH, Who's the lucky guy??

    Arrrrgghh, missed it buy just a few seconds. I signed into buy it and it had just sold. Soooo angry!
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    Headphile Appreciation Thread

    Larry does awesome woody and cable work, post what ya got, and how much you like them! Feel free to add pics too.
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    Review: Sennheiser HD580 Jubilee

    Introduction After receiving many pms from people asking what the HD580 Jubilees in my profile were, I conducted a search both here on Head-Fi and through Yahoo and found that there really isn’t any hard information on these, more just speculation from those who have only heard about them in...
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    Best Budget Speaker Cable?

    What is the best large awg speaker cable? Is it possible to use THHN copper electric wire? THHN can be easily had at gauges down to 6 awg so it looks pretty promising but has anyone heard the SQ of it? Should I just go with silver plated copper? I need about 120' total so nothing too expensive...
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    Budget source shootout?

    I'm in the market for a new source and so far I've been intrigued by these players; the Denon DVD-2900, this source really appeals to me because one, it's a universal player, two build quality is top notch, and three it matches my amp . I was also looking into the NAD C542 because I love the...
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    Christmas present suggestions?

    I need to purchase my sister and my father Christmas presents and this year I've run out of ideas. Last year I gave my sister a Coach handbag for Christmas but both me and her fiance have bought her tons of handbags and clutches from D&B, LV, and Coach and while she loves them, she never seems...