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  1. Bolardito

    Review: Bellatone Reference Cable for the HD800

    INTRODUCTION   This is my first after market cable for a full size phone, and while I have had some experience with after market cables for IEM’s, this is kind of a new world for me. Actually the full size headphone world is kind of new to me since I got the HD650 a year ago. But from there...
  2. Bolardito

    UE11 + Impedance Adapter?

    I want to get rid of some hiss i get with my UE11 paired with the Lisa III. I have the Shure attenuator but it seems to degrade SQ s lot. I was thinking on getting the Etymotic P to S cable adapter, do you think it will work with the UE11? also would the SQ suffer much? thanks a lot.
  3. Bolardito

    Question regarding UE11 cable

    UE offers 2 different cables for the UE11. The one included with the product (which looks like the Westone UM2 one) or you can also purchase a thicker one which they also use for the UE10. Do you know if there is any difference in SQ between them? I was thinking on getting the thicker one for...
  4. Bolardito

    RCA vs. Mini

    I have an RCA input amp (Lisa III) and I was wondering if there is much of a difference in SQ if I use a cable with mini for output from the source rather than RCA for output. The source have both options for output (RCA and Mini). If I decided to go for RCA t o RCA I will have to buy a new...
  5. Bolardito

    UE11 Pro now or Westone 3 how knows when??

    Ok I'm facing a big dilemma. I just sent my E500 for warranty replacement (cable broken) so I'm "surviving" with the ER4P. However I think is time for me to upgrade, so I just don't know if go the customs route now with the UE11 or wait till the Westone 3 and keep doing for some months with my...
  6. Bolardito

    I'm consfused: Ety ER-4P or E4R-4S?

    Ok I have decided to buy the Ety ER-4. I currently own the Shures E500 but I want to have a second option with a different sound signature. Sometimes I would like to get a more detailed sound with more emphazis on the highs than the E500, which sometimes I find lack on the highs department. I...
  7. Bolardito

    Which sleeve gives the best sound quality for Shure IEMs ?

    I recently just bought the Shure's E500 PTH. It is my first experience with high end IEMs so I was wondering which sleeves give the best sound quality. I have tried all of them but I'm still undecided between the PVC and the Triple Flange. I find the yellow foamie not as good on isolating but I...