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  1. BlindTiger

    Stax SRD-4/SR40 Combo, T-Amp OK?

    I just received a pair of Stax SR40/SRD-4 electret combo. Would a T amp (older version) be OK driving them?
  2. BlindTiger

    Koss SportaPros are 12.99 at jr . com

    If this is a dupe, mods pls delete. I see the sportapros are 12.99 at j and r today, that's a much better bargain than the portapro2's at 19.99. I plan on getting a pair later.
  3. BlindTiger

    NY'ers, Did you get the stereo exchange mailing?

    Did anyone from the NY area get a postcard mailing from Stereo Exchange that has a $25 gift certificate? Does this mean I get $25 to spend on anything at the store?
  4. BlindTiger

    Any news on the Grado "Streetstyle" HP's?

    Does anyone know if the Grado "streetstyle" behind the back headphones at the NYC meet are out yet? I'm back to concentrating on my portable stuff and was wondering if I should get another sr60 or this for portable use. (will be stuffed in a soft briefcase) Or, would I be happy with the...
  5. BlindTiger

    sort of rant: how many people buy items sight unseen or heard....

    Because it too good a deal to pass up? This has been on my mind for a long time. I was trying to sell my speakers and everytime the person who came in couldn't listen to them due to some distortion. Now these are over $1800 pr speakers that I sold for $300 and they still passed them up until a...
  6. BlindTiger

    Can I use 75ohm video cables as audio interconnects?

    Can I use 75ohms video cables as audio interconnects in a pinch? Can't afford any audio cables now and have some cheap 75ohm beldon cables around. would like to used them to between amp and pre amp.
  7. BlindTiger

    Academic version software

    I bought some software years ago as a student and an employee at a university and have some questions on this software. Since I am not using it now, can I give it to someone else to use? I know it's the exact same software as the retail version, unless there is something in the software that I...
  8. BlindTiger

    Philips HP625

    Is $20 for the Philips HP625 a good buy? How bout the HP550 for $17?
  9. BlindTiger

    what are ny'ers smoking?

    I just saw a classified ad for a NAD 7125 receiver for a firm $300?????? Oh, I stand corrected he'll add in some JBL's with that price. The speakers are JBL model jmv900 which didn't even come up on google. If you're going to put in an ad at least know the model and give a price.
  10. BlindTiger

    Anyone been burned through an Internet Deal

    I've been selling a lot of my stuff lately. Had maybe over 20 transactions. One person never paid and one paid really late, like 3 months. I think I'm about to get burned for another transaction. No money involve, just a trade. I have some suspicions as to why I was not paid but I won't go...
  11. BlindTiger

    Has anyone tried Clou Cables other than for Senns

    Just want to know if any members tried any of the Clou cable line. Just found out I can get them pretty cheap due to a family member from Sweden.
  12. BlindTiger

    DIY mini to mini

    Hi, new member here and just began listening to my HP's more often due to looking for work. I'm making my own mini to mini cable using a pr of XLO's I have lying around that's not worth selling. I found that it puts a nasal type sound to vocal in my stereo. Anyway, it's has two conductors...