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  1. ColeLewis

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    How to do the beats studios compare to these. Ive read that the beats suck every where and thats the only pretty good head phone i have every listened to. 
  2. ColeLewis

    Noob help

    I am looking to get some headphones. I am kinda new to all of the headphone gamea. My dad has some beats studios and gave them to me. I am looking for something better in the 400-200$ range. I am looking at the ultrasone pro 900's but I am wondering if there is something better. I listen to rap...
  3. ColeLewis

    Ultrasone pro 900

    and im on an iPhone.
  4. ColeLewis

    Ultrasone pro 900

    I was looking to buy the ultrasone pro 900's. I was wondering what amplifier would be good, or if i even need one. I want it to be under 150$ and one that i could carry where ever i went.
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