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  1. howiebrou

    Anyone tried the Avid Acutus turntables?

    I use an Avid Acutus with SME V and Benz Micro LP. The Avid is an excellent table. It sounds very smooth, although I have not had much chance to compare it directly with the same equipment to other tables. It is superbly built and very compact and easy to set up. Highly recommended.
  2. howiebrou

    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by AudioDwebe I've read some great things about the Nagra phono pre. How is it and how do you like it? It is a very nice piece. Quite neutral (like a lot of Nagra stuff) with a hint of tube warmth. The only thing fidgety is the jumpers but i guess that is...
  3. howiebrou

    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeadLover Can guys that post here photos, also describe what we are seeing? what parts and so on? Sorry. Mcintosh Mc2000 Power amp, Accuphase DP 700 SACD Player, Nagra PLL Pre amp, Nagra VPS Phono stage, Avid Acutus TT + SMEV tonearm, RGPC 1200 power...
  4. howiebrou

    McIntosh flagship SACD/CD/Headphone amp player

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda $6500 is actually very reasonable for a flagshop model. i've heard plenty of mcintosh gear, but never one of their cd players. Actually their flagship cdp is a two box affair which costs 17k!
  5. howiebrou

    Anyone using Denon 2910 as a source/transport?

    Have my Denon 2930 hooked up to a PS Audio Ultralink Dac. Night and day difference
  6. howiebrou

    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci Thank you. I appreciate the honesty. You may want to don your Flac jacket now. I'm sure people will not be offended at my comments
  7. howiebrou

    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci Please answer my question, who on this thread has heard the Goldmund and Pioneer? I have. The Goldmund sounds much better. No, I don't want to defend its innards but I heard these way before this was an issue and they sound like players...
  8. howiebrou

    Meridian 808i owners

    So any news from CES?
  9. howiebrou

    Hotel sound system

    How about a Hard drive connected to a Sonos System?
  10. howiebrou

    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    The P-01 VRDS is unique to the P-01. Even the P-03 and X-01 use a different less robust but still pretty brutal version. The DCS one is not the top VRDS version either. The P-05 is even lower down the tree than the P-03 X-01 versions and Wadia does not use VRDS anymore. They have...
  11. howiebrou

    Meridian 808i owners

    Welly, I heard the 808 was being replaced / upgraded in December 07. That is what my dealer told me as he knows I have been looking at it for a while. He told me to wait. Do you know anything about this?? howie
  12. howiebrou Anyone bought a CD player there?

    The phone number is based in Monaco.......... Seriously dodgy website. Forget it
  13. howiebrou


    Hi, Was wondering if anyone has any experience or has listened to the players form AudioAero (Prima, Capitole or Prestige)?? Thanks! howie
  14. howiebrou

    Chord Blu+DAC64 or Wadia 581i?

    Don't forget Chord's newest Red Standard CDP or Red Reference CDP. BOth have digital inputs to use the Dac. Standard is a little more than the Blu/Dac64 combo but reference is a lot more. IMHO both all three are beaten by the Meridian 808 (i) which is about the same price as the red standard...
  15. howiebrou

    If I already have an awesome DAC, can I get away with a less expensive universal CDP?

    This is the exactly the route I will be going down and I agree fully that the Dac is 90% of not only the quality but the type of sound you will get. I have done extensive listening with high quality dacs matched with various transports using either identical or even lesser quality interconnects...
  16. howiebrou

    Audio CD-R blancs

    So what's the best quality CD-R one can buy to burn tracks on?? howie
  17. howiebrou

    Reasonably priced SACD-only player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by earwicker7 I guess I'm saying I just spent $5,000 on a CD player I love, which I'm not getting rid of. And I'm not paying $5,000 just to listen to SACDs. I figured that maybe stuff that only played SACD might be a little cheaper than universal players. Plus...
  18. howiebrou

    HTPC with Good Quality DAC

    Please bear with me as I don't really know what I am talking about I was in the market for a high end transport + DAC to play my CD collection. The more I look at it the more it seems to make sense to get a computer to store my CDs in a lossless format and then use the digital output to a...
  19. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    A very interesting read! Thanks.
  20. howiebrou

    Squeezebox/Transporter question

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker howiebrou, I spoke to the Slim Devices representative at the National and he said, in reality, you should only expect about 50' of range...not normal wi-fi range. The Transporter, with it's 2 external antennas can probably double the range...
  21. howiebrou

    Squeezebox/Transporter question

    Does anyone know what the range of the squeezebox or transporter is? I want to get one for my computer in the basement and listen to it on my roof which is 3 storeys up. Is that a potential problem? Also If i burn everything to an external USB HD, do I need to keep my Mac G5 on all the time...
  22. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by neilvg Wow Howiebrou, that is great info. Have you heard about the APL Hifi NWO 2.5t modified (gutted) Esoteric UX-1 CD-Player? I have yet to hear anything as good although the MBL 1621/1611 and the Meitner SE comes close. Oh... and welcome to headfi...
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