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  1. Thaddy

    The HD650's are missing something, what headphones will fill the gap?

    I used to own HD650's a few years ago and had always found them to be "perfect" for me.  The sound signature they offered up was exactly what I preferred.  However, recently I purchased a newer pair and have found that they seem to be lacking a bit of the lower end punch that I recall.  I can't...
  2. Thaddy

    DAC/Amp for home listening

    I'm looking to purchase a home setup after giving this hobby a break for quite some time.  I want to purchase a DAC/Amp to be used at home.  Sources will be my computer (USB or optical) and iPod.  I initially started looking at the HeadRoom Desktop Amp/DAC combo since it's the only thing I could...
  3. Thaddy

    Looking to build a dedicted computer/home setup, advice?

    It's been quite some time since I've visited Head-Fi!  Recently I've been thinking of purchasing an Amp/DAC setup for home use, and since it's been quite a long time since I've been involved in all things headphones/amps/computer audio, I need a few nudges in the right direction.   Source...
  4. Thaddy

    Howdy ya'll...

    Wow, it's been a while since I've visited Head-Fi, I guess this place is still around. What's new around here? Did Sennheiser ever release those HD700's? I guess I've got some reading to do before I start buying stuff again.
  5. Thaddy

    Hey y'all

    *waves* Hey guys Just dropping by and saying hello. I haven't been on the boards for a while, and ended up selling the last of my headphone setup a week or two ago. Since moving to Houston ~6 months ago I had a drastic change in my lifestyle; one that left me rarely listening to my...
  6. Thaddy

    Heads up to cable DIY'ers

    I just noticed this while browsing Audiogon. This place is selling a bunch of PS Audio Lab II cable...could be a good find for someone looking to make their own power cables.
  7. Thaddy

    Do you know a bot named Anna?

    Because I do! This is the oddest video I've seen in a long time...
  8. Thaddy

    Major hissing with my T-Amp & Atoms

    I just got my T-Amp in today from PartsExpress, and when using my Millet as a preamp, this setup hums like a $5...well, something that costs $5 and hums like crazy I don't have a long enough mini > mini cable to use my PC as a source, so until then my troubleshooting is limited. My current...
  9. Thaddy

    Having some troulbe using digital output with my 0404

    Nevermind, I realized foobar was set to 96 when it had to be set to 44.1
  10. Thaddy

    Besides the T-Amp, any other cheap 2-channel amps?

    Sure, the T-Amps are great (for the price), but are there any competitors in the sub-$100 category? This will be used with my computer and Paradigm Atoms, and I'll probably use the Millett as a preamp. I guess my other option would be to get a T-Amp modded, but hey, a few more options can't hurt
  11. Thaddy

    Storm Digital, anything on the horizon?

    The original thread is huge, so I figured a new one could be in order to discuss any upcoming products, specifically the smaller model of the D02. Has anyone heard any news? I'm planning a source upgrade later this year, and that black D02 is looking very sweet...
  12. Thaddy

    The Sopranos: Season 6

    How many will be watching the season premiere tonight? I've been re-watching season's 3 through 5 since they've been on On-Demand since this past winter to get caught up for tonight. I might even slick my hair back like Silvio just to get into the mood I'm expecting some pretty big twists...
  13. Thaddy

    Well recorded acoustic albums

    I've been listening to Eric Clapton's Unplugged album for the past few days, and can't get over 1) how well recorded the music is, and 2) how damn good of a CD it is! So, does anyone have some good recommendations for good acoustic music? The only other album I can think of is Dave Matthews...
  14. Thaddy

    Having some problems with an iAudio M5

    My brother got an M5 for Christmas, and I got the X5. He didn't want the video playback or a color screen, so he opted for the vanilla M5. Anyways, whenever I plug my X5 into either my mom's (XP Professional) or his (2000 Pro) computer, everything works fine. When he plugs his M5 into my mom's...
  15. Thaddy

    Favorite Beethoven Piano Concertos?

    I've been slowly getting into his piano concertos lately. I was doing some homework one night with a playlist on random, and one of his concertos came on. I found it incredibly relaxing, and got tons of work done. So, I'm searching for some of his best (not necessarily popular, but they would...
  16. Thaddy

    Pittsburgh Super Mini-Meet

    Well, today Fante7 and myself decided to get together at my place. He wanted to spend some time with my HD650's, and I wanted to hear his DT880's on my newer Millet. We both came to the same conclusion regarding the DT880's, and also had some interesting discussion regarding the strengths and...
  17. Thaddy

    Two new offerings from Shure?

    I was browsing HeadRoom today and noticed two new models from Shure. The E2G and the E3G. Seems they redid the E2's and E3's and geared these towards those who are into portable gaming. I wonder how different they are sonically? So...who's going to take the plunge
  18. Thaddy

    Photoshop gurus...can you lend a hand?

    My teammate took a really nice picture of one of our race jerseys at our last meet, and I've been using it as my background for a bit. Anyways, the black and white is getting boring, and I thought it would be cool to make the white lettering something brighter like red, one of my universities...
  19. Thaddy


    I got tired of doing homework the other day, so I decided to kill some time by reading (don't worry, it's work safe!). This is when I came across the band Mogwai, since it seems they are Marten's favorite. I mentioned the name to my friend, and he said that I have to...
  20. Thaddy

    The one Millet to rule them all...

    Earlier this year I picked up a Millet after reading a bit about this hybrid under dog. It seemed that it sounded pretty sweet, but I could find little to no information on it. However, I took the plunge, and started down the road that would soon end about a week ago, which was when I took...
  21. Thaddy

    A Power Ranger goes off the deep end...sort of Anyody remember this show? I'm trying to figure out if he really was the Red Ranger from the original show, but I can't tell.
  22. Thaddy

    Pink Floyd Live8 set, free to download anywhere?

    The title says it all! It's on TV again and I've heard it on the radio a few times. I must have it! Anywhere know if there is a legal site to download it from?
  23. Thaddy

    Budget IC Shootout, I'd like some input

    So I recently picked up some Zu Oxyfuel RCA's, as well as some of those new Radio Shack "Fusion's" for like $15 I'm thinking of getting another set of budget ($50) interconnects and doing a little shootout. I'll set it up by adding some splitters on the output of my SD-3950, and then running...
  24. Thaddy

    Are you a member of Office-Fi?

    So, when I first started my internship a few weeks ago, I thought that my Karma/Rhapsody would be fine (along with my MX400's) to keep me company while at my desk. In usual Head-Fi fashion, I was incredibly wrong and found myself searching for nicer portable phones, along with thinking about...
  25. Thaddy

    Anyone have a portable headphone recommendation for office use?

    I'm looking for something cheap and easy to transport. I'll just use these while at my desk, and either using my Karma or my computer (comcast Rhapsody) as the sources. I want something that doesn't go over my head, because headphone-hair at the office is a bad thing Also, I'd prefer them to...