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  1. dcsquirrel

    Looking for replacement IEM

    So recently my favorite pair of headphones( broke after about 1.5 years of having them which was great considering the fact...
  2. dcsquirrel

    Help Finding me some headphoens

    So I went to best buy and I tried on the sennheiser hd428 and absolutely love them. However the cord stopped me from buying them. I would like something a bit more sturdy and removable would be nice. I am looking in the $40-$60 range and would prefer something from amazon (Christmas gift cards)...
  3. dcsquirrel

    Sennheiser hd 428

    So I tried on a pair of sennheiser hd428 s at best buy: And absolutely love them. Any suggestions that are like these headphones?
  4. dcsquirrel

    Apple Earpods/Meelec m6 to sell or not to sell

    So I am buying a new ipod and they will come with the new headphones should I keep the earpods and return the m6s from amazon or sell the earpods. Also does anyone have an opinion on burn-in for the m6s and what is the effect.   Also I have started to notice static when I plug iems into the...
  5. dcsquirrel

    Looking for iem's

    Looking for good iems that are clear(Preference) and have the style that wraps around your ear. I listen to artists such as (Mat kearney, andy grammer, all american rejects, relient k ect. I usually listen to music while doing homework during long trips when I am just relaxing or when I try to...
  6. dcsquirrel

    Bright over the ear

    I am looking for a close over the ear headphone that is bright with its sound. I liked the sound of the bose qc15 don't need noise cancelling but I did like the sound will I find the same quality with the akg acoustic of the ear headphone? Or would I be better off going with an iem
  7. dcsquirrel

    Headphones without Amp under 100

    Hello I am looking to purchase a headphone and need some help here Listen to pop, alternative, rock (all american rejects, blink182, journey, train, ect) I don't know anything about amps and I will just be plugging them right into my computer or ipod Closed preferably. Here are a few I...
  8. dcsquirrel

    Closed Headphones(Need advice plus info on an amp)

    Hello I am looking to buy a good pair of closed headphones. I am not an audiophile so bare with my descriptions. I listen to pop,rock and alternative occasionally rap. Bands I like include all american rejects, blink-182, mat kearney ect. but I like a clear crisp sound not a large quantity of...