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  1. machoboy

    PSA: Counterfeit AKG K 240s?

    Just a warning! I've owned 3 pairs of K 240s so far and while I didn't want to jump to conclusions initially, I've realized there are some counterfeits out there. The first pair I bought was during the transition from Austria to China. The second pair I purchased (and reviewed) were quite...
  2. machoboy

    Closed headphones that sound closest to K 702s?

    As the title says, what are the closed headphones (I need some for tracking vocals) that sound closest to my beloved K 702s?
  3. machoboy

    Photos of KRK 8400/6400 next to Shure SRH840?

    Hi,   I've settled on K 702s as my main headphones but I still need closed-back tracking head phones. I'm considering re-buying the SRH840s which I liked a lot but that's so boring. Does anyone have some photos of the SRH840s and KRK 8400s side by side? I can't seem to turn any up googling...
  4. machoboy

    Do any Ultrasones have tamed treble, strong mids?

    I'm in love with the build quality of my HFI-580s but the scooped mids and piercing treble are killing me. Despite the "S-Logic", they're very fatiguing.   What are some Ultrasone models, if any, with more emphasis on mid-range detail and less of this "trying to sleep with a vulture...
  5. machoboy

    If the Ultrasone PRO 550 uses the same exact drivers as the HFI-580 with bigger cups, why does it have less bass?

    OK audio engineers so I have HFI-580s in the mail after hearing about their awesome bass. My problem is I don't really like the look and personally, I'm a big fan of giant, huge, phones, not just swiveling "DJ-sized" phones.   I just read this courtesy of Ultrasone:    "The PRO 550...