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  1. strogg

    random noises on 1212m

    #1 i'm getting random static on my computer audio, and it's most definitely coming from my sound card. basically, only some of the time for short periods of time, i would get a faint buzzing in the background, which then disappears back to nothing. so far, i found no pattern on why it would...
  2. strogg

    Hail fallin' in San Francisco

    same with davis, but not nearly as bad. it hailed a bit this morning, got a bit of sun in the afternoon, and now it's only going to get really bad. i hope this goes away soon, but then, i'm also not looking forward to the summer heat
  3. strogg

    HDCD list

    you can also add: mannheim steamroller - CLassical Gas (marked hdcd) mannheim steamroller - romantic melodies (marked hdcd) mannheim steamroller - romantic themes (marked hdcd) just an fyi to the people not sure how to find hdcd, the hdcd light as said before HAS to be on. just because...
  4. strogg

    AIM conversation with non head-fier

    hehe... kinda like me: me: yay! my headphones came!!! <anyone on my buddy list>: another one???!!!! <anyone on my buddy list>: so HOW many headphones have you gone through now??????!!!!!! me: uh... i lost count. hold on a sec... (dead silence for about 2 minutes) me: 7 in the past...
  5. strogg

    I started new drug with the CRAZIEST side effect, unbelieveable

    here's one: WARNING: Taking Placebo may raise your risk of diabetes. Talk to your doctor first before taking Placebo.
  6. strogg

    If you drink soda, what is your favorite tasting "chill"?

    freezer's the best, although i tend not to leave it in there for too long. if i do, the soda will freeze over and could lose a whole ton of carbonation if opened. icing it won't give it that iced effect, but it sure isn't cold enough for my tastes. i say that anything that comes in a can and...
  7. strogg

    suggestion for a cheap pocket knife for...

    wow... that's small. well, since everyone's saying "knives are cool", i'm going to add my $.02 for knives: for $30, CRKT makes a decent bunch, as does Gerber. not only do they function well, they look pretty cool too. or if you're willing to go uh... $100-120 over budget, get the...
  8. strogg

    pic thread: up close and personal with your setup...

    up close... personal... and frikkin huge:
  9. strogg

    Another great game!

    like in the other drop of water -> galaxy thread, i have an awesome game for you guys to drool over!!!
  10. strogg

    my camera: the anti-HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by Illah I used to hype on computers, then headphones, then AV equipment, now it's my bike (sorta). I find that not wondering if something is better on the other side of the fence makes my life much more content. I notice that as I start to un-hype I actually...
  11. strogg

    NEWS FLASH! teh internets has search engines!

    what??? internet's finally been made public? and who is that guy pictured above? is he supposed to be smart or somethign?
  12. strogg

    suggestion for a cheap pocket knife for...

    don't forget to look up gerber as well. i got a gerber multitool, and that thing is pretty robust. the blade is useless, though, as are any blades in any multitool. the scissors portion is stiff and does an extremely good job of cutting pretty much anything. and the squirt is essentially the...
  13. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    Quote: Originally Posted by Voltron Tube tester is Utep10's, and the TT was blessingx's but I thought he gave it away to somebody?! Are there any good LPs? I'll take them if Ric is just off-loading. Also, our vinyl friend Crimson Tear could use a few more LPs so we could send some/all...
  14. strogg

    who spent less than 20 bucks after joining head-fi and why?????

    if i all of a sudden make a new screen name and start posting, would that count as spending less than $20 after joining? I'm not sure what the total running tally is for me at all, especially since i've sold a lot of things and have made some modifications to my equipment. for example, i...
  15. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood [img] Who made this? Such a neat little package. -Ed i believe it was rjkdivin who made that. that thing is the peter daniels dac i mentioned earlier. i plugged it into my rotel and a/bed the sucker through the millet and the k701's. it...
  16. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    and neil number 2 (who, btw, looks a lot like alex) still owes me a pair of $450 HE90's
  17. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    and pics (in no particular order) Amb's amp rig. from left to right is a dynahi, m3, some sort of modded fet amp, millet hybrid, and the mini3 utep's toys view of what many consider the head of the table ever seen two HE90's and an HE60in one picture before? well, now you have...
  18. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    mmm... that meet was fun my ears are so tired i turned back to the dark side... listening to my speaker setup. Some notes: thanks to neil for lending us his humble abode. thanks to everyone who brought snackies and drinks HP1000's are still frikkin awesome. the highs are a little...
  19. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    w00t! see ya guys in <12 hours from now! oh yeah, hopefully you don't mind being in my pictures. i'll be sure to ask before taking pics of respective people.
  20. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by neilvg You know what's sad? My car got broken into in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and they stole 3 binders full of CD's. It was a disaster. I'm still recovering. (almost 250 cd's lost) i feel your pain. i myself lost a whole bunch of cd's. it's not...
  21. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    i wouldn't call him a sissy, though. he was the one who walked around downtown san mateo with the k1000's strapped to his head, remember? on another note, how are we doing on food at the house? can someone bring a lot of nachos or something? i got my hands on an unused bag of taco bell nacho...
  22. strogg

    Build of bose speaker drivers...

    Quote: Originally Posted by allenf This should tell you all you need to know: mmm... that's good. thanks
  23. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    at this rate, he'll have an HE90 by post 10 hehe, thanks again for having us over, neil. it's much appreciated. so i finally got my k701's and put nearly 100 hours on it. i decided to make a fashion statement at school and put a devilishly white starquad cable on it. it's nice since the...
  24. strogg

    Safe listening level

    well, you could be super obsessive about it like i am and get an SPL meter from your local radio shack. otherwise, you can do a simple trick to keep at safe listening levels (assuming your environment is relatively quiet). turn your cans/speakers all the way down. then turn them up until you can...
  25. strogg

    Build of bose speaker drivers...

    thanks so far yeah, i figured it is made of treated paper. consdering that the cheap-esque single driver tang band speakers i have are treated paper as are the much better hi-vi's sitting right in front of me. ironically, my subwoofer has an aluminum cone. diy'ed, the sub only cost me $250 in...