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  1. dippyboy_87

    iRiver+D10 or iphone 3GS to go...

    I'm thinking of a portable source setup for my IE8. As sound quality is my first priority which one would you recommend between the iRiver ihp-i140/D10 setup and the more portable iphone 3gs.
  2. dippyboy_87

    anyone here who have owned both the sony S63x & N91 8gb

    i'm very eager to know if anybody here have owned or actually have some experience with both these devices. Only sound quality discussion please and your personal preferences..
  3. dippyboy_87

    how do IE8 respond to amp such as the Voyager

    Will the sansa clip + Graham Slee Voyager make a significantly better source for the IE8 than any other standalone DAP that u would recommend? Or the money be better spent on a good DAP or another iem?
  4. dippyboy_87

    bose QC2 = IEM??

    Which iem do u guys think would give me a sound signature as close as possible to my bose quietcomfort 2? Actually i've grown addicted to the N91 + QC2 combo sound now-a-days. Its just a magical sound 'to my ears' which i can't describe in words. Now the thing is i'm looking for a low profile...
  5. dippyboy_87

    SE530 or W3 or IE8 if i like bose QC2

    I'm soon gonna buy a high-end universal iem. I haven't heard any high-end iem as of now as they are unavailable in my country other than the shures and the bose. At present my setup consists of the Bose QC2 connected with N91 8gb or the sansa clip. I really like the sound signature of the bose...
  6. dippyboy_87

    True portable iem setup

    hi all u fellow head-fiers, i'm soon gonna blow up my wallet for a true portable setup which will comprise of a high-end universal iem, a quality dap or even an iphone, and headphone amp (if u think its needed really). I'm currently thinking of the following setups :- 1) ipod classic/iphone >...