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  1. JustinBieber

    IEMs that sound similar to the HD800 ~$500-700

    Hey.   I'm looking for IEMs around $500-700ish. I don't mind buying used too.   I would prefer to get universals, but I'm open to custom molded options. I'm looking for a similar tone to a stock HD800, neutral/slightly bright with a large soundstage. And something easy to drive, like...
  2. JustinBieber


    The only reason I come to this part of Head-Fi is because I can read Spareribs' posts. I have learned about the decline of pickles, the beauty of ground pork, cheap concert tickets, and found out about Ray Bolger for the first time.   Every morning my friend and I log onto the school computers...
  3. JustinBieber

    2014 bay area little big meet impressions

    OK, guess I'll be the first to start us off with an impressions thread! Here is an album of photos and some small thoughts of mine, apologies for the phone quality pictures: and here is some further discussion on...
  4. JustinBieber

    Deleting reviews?

    Is there anyway to delete previous reviews? I can't seem to find a delete button in the editor or when you view your own review.   I wanted to delete some very old ones I have a done, as I find them to be misleading since I wrote them when I was new to high end audio.   Thanks.  
  5. JustinBieber

    Upgrading my HD600, need help choosing between the LCD3 & LCD2

    Budget: $900-1000 Source: AMB y2, Schiit Valhalla Isolation: Don't care Preferred type: Full-sized Tonal balance: Neutral/balanced to slightly laid back My Music: One of everything. Jazz, hip-hop, rock, metal, etc. Mainly electronic music. (50%+) Past headphones: HE-500...
  6. JustinBieber

    Yulong D100 DAC vs Schiit Bitfrost

    I currently have $300 saved up to upgrade my Modi DAC I just sold. I'm mainly interested in the Schiit Bitfrost, but happened to stumble upon a used Yulong D100 for a good deal (original, not mark II) for about $150 cheaper than Bitfrost. I'm curious to see if anyone owns both and can compare...
  7. JustinBieber

    Using Pro Bias Stax Sr Lambda with a regular, normal bias energizer?

    I came across a Stax SR-Lambda PRO just now, It has no energizer however. I can get myself a SRD-6/SRD-7, however it is normal Bias. Should I be OK powering the Lambda PRO with this?   I read that I would need to keep the volume down to avoid damage and that they wouldn't play as loud as...
  8. JustinBieber

    Can I put Sennheiser HD 600 parts in the HD 650? (Grilles and pads)

    I'm getting a second hand HD 650 but the grilles and pads are damaged. I'm fairly sure you can do this, just want to be sure. I can swap my HD 600 pads on the HD 650 and the grilles as well? Do the parts differ in any way that may change the sound?   It seems the Pads from Sennheiser have...