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  1. dj_mocok

    Question About Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and The Bluetooth Transmitter

    I just ordered myself: - Sennheiser PXC 310 BT - Sennheiser BTD 300   But I don't know much about Bluetooth technology as I've never had a single BT device. My question is with these combo (which is supposedly easy to connect), how do we go about connecting the two? Just turn on the...
  2. dj_mocok

    Can a Computer Virus/Trojan Infect Cell Phone?

    Yesterday while checking my yahoo mail I foolishly opened an email disguised as USPS parcel delivery notice. It has 2 attacthments, first was a jpg and second one was .bat I downloaded the jpg one and its just a 5kb picc of USPS logo. Then when I was about to download the bat file, I just...
  3. dj_mocok

    HTC Desire HD or iPhone 4?

    I've read quite a few reviews but still not quite decided yet. I can get a new phone when my contract expires in June. So strictly phone-speaking (not carrier as I'm in Australia), which one do you think it's more suitable for me if my main usage are for: - phone call of course, but all...
  4. dj_mocok

    Steiff Teddy Bears

    Steiff Teddy Bears, what do you guys think of them? Any collectors (who are man enough to admit)?
  5. dj_mocok

    How to Make a Website?

    I am currently using Blogspot to host my stuff but I don't like the fact that older posts seem to be buried deep. Thinking to make a website to park all my reviews so that they are easily found under tags. eg. tag 1 - lenses tag 2 - cameras And I don't mind paying subscription fee.  ...
  6. dj_mocok

    Corn Kernels - Yum

    Warm, juicy, sweet corn kernels served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, mixed with a nice quality melted butter... yum.... I want one now
  7. dj_mocok

    Need Someone Who Can Read French To Translate This

    Hey guys my niece is looking at this Hermes shawl from eBay and she doesn't understand French, me neither. Can someone who understands French translate this please:   VOICI UNE PIECE RARISSIME SUR EBAY FRANCE UNE SUPERBE ECHARPE COMPOSE DE DEUX GRANDS CARRE EN SOIE SIGNE HERMES PIECE...
  8. dj_mocok

    Are Mushrooms Vegetable?

    As the title says. I'm not sure if we consider mushrooms as vegetable or not.
  9. dj_mocok

    Question About Paying Someone via Paypal

    Okay this might sound dumb, but I just wanna make sure of the process of paying someone via Paypal. I use Paypal to pay for stuff regularly, but they are either via eBay or from website/shopping cart.   But I am getting an item from a person overseas, and I thought I'd better use...
  10. dj_mocok

    Recommend Me an MP3 Player

    I need a new MP3 player, but I don't want to use iPod. I am basically after something that is easy to use, that I can just drag and drop my MP3s into the portable player without using any proprietary software or crap like that. I use MP3 format exclusively, so I don't need fancy OGG or FLAC...
  11. dj_mocok

    Boiled Frozen Baby Beans = Revolting Food

    Well my partner is away so I could live like a bachelor for a couple of weeks and I've been eating either instant noodle or meat and beer for the past few days. Living up the bachelor life. But I figured out that maybe I should at least eat some vegies. So I bought two packs of frozen baby...
  12. dj_mocok

    Is Free Antivirus Enough to Protect my Laptop?

    If I promised I wouldn't go to any naughty websites and just use my laptop just for checking email and go to family websites, do I really need to purchase something like Norton Internet security, or it would be okay just to use free antivirus ? And if it's ok to use free one, which one would...
  13. dj_mocok

    Need Help Indexing Blog so It Appears on Google Search

    Continuing from my previous thread, I have just finished writing my review and I just posted it on my Blogspot address. The review is for "Carl Zeiss 100mm f/2 Review". I am not sure how to register/index so that when people type in Carl Zeiss 100mm f/2 review, my review will show up on the...
  14. dj_mocok

    Question About Blogspot and Indexing

    When I setup a blog to host my Tokina lens review, I unknowingly put the review as the name of the blog "tokina11-16mm.blogspot". I am writing a second lens review, so I was just wondering, if I put this new lens review as in "new post" under that blog, will a google search still able to find...
  15. dj_mocok

    My Ex Tried to Contact me On Facebook - What Should I Do?

    Well my ex girlfriend whom I've lost contact for maybe 10 years tried to contact me via facebook. She's sending me message to find out whether it's me or someone else. As much as I want a free 'just for the old time' shag, but I am not single and she doesn't live here anyway. Also I don't...
  16. dj_mocok

    Question for You Who Knows a bit About Electrical Stuff

    I have a laptop that I bought from Singapore. As you know Singapore uses different power plug (same voltage though) from Australian one, so I am using the laptop here in Australia with this simple plug converter (Singapore --> Australian plug converter). But every time I plug the laptop...
  17. dj_mocok

    Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) OST CD: Anyone Heard It Yet?

    I have the Mp3 version but I usually like to buy the CD of a song that I like. But before doing so, I was just wondering if anyone actually heard this CD (in CD not in digital format) and care to comment about the sound quality? I know it's a long shot but maybe someone has heard it before...
  18. dj_mocok

    Wrong forum nevermind

    edit wrong forum
  19. dj_mocok

    Who Here is Tempted by The New Olympus E-P1 Micro 4/3 Camera?

    I just read this from dpreview and there has been lots of discussion (and flame wars as usual ala dpreview) about the EP1. Most common complain is the lack of onboard flash, which I don't need (never used onboard flash ever) and lack of viewfinder (which I can also tolerate). But d@mn this...
  20. dj_mocok

    Question About iPod

    Yes, this will sound so dumb but I never used an iPod before so I know nothing about iPod. Someone at work is selling his 1.5 year old black 80GB iPod video for AUS$120, I think that is a good price, no? If I get this, it will replace my humble 4GB Samsung MP3 player. Now my questions...
  21. dj_mocok

    Is Nintendo Wii Really Worth It?

    Partner is (slightly) interested in Wii Fit. She doesn't really play games. Apart from that to be honest, I can't find many games that I am interested myself. Maybe Mario range and that's about it. I got a PS3 already. Should I really buy it or do you think I will end up getting bored a few...
  22. dj_mocok

    Have You Ever Accidentally Stepped On a Cockroach?

    As the title says. I haven't.
  23. dj_mocok

    My LAN Cable Died

    Yes, I find it hard to believe that a LAN cable can actually fail. It started awhile ago as in occasional "LAN unplugged" notification under windows. But today the message popped out every few seconds or so (even though I could still connect to internet as normal), so I tried to fix it and it...
  24. dj_mocok

    Question About

    I was just wondering, is there any way to make a certain post to be 'stickied' permanently? I am thinking to do a review and I want it to be the on the top spot permanently everytime someone visit the site. Thanks in advance though.
  25. dj_mocok

    How Do You Choose Frame for Your Glasses?

    I know it sounds trivial, but I am sure there are things that we have to really consider when choosing frame for your glasses. We'll put it on for many hours everyday, so I want to know what factors are important in order to prevent dizziness or other unhealthy issues that may result from...