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  1. psyllium

    Yamaha HPH-200 (Pictures and review) [Updated]

      I've given these a listen and a bit of a comparison to the ESW9's. The ESW9's appear to be more detailed, with more sub bass and a generally more refined sound. That's not to say the HPH-200's aren't any good - they have a benefit as far as comfort goes - much less "clampy". The HPH-200's do...
  2. psyllium

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote: How dodgy!   How did you pay for them?
  3. psyllium

    Samsung galaxy nexus

    i have been using alsamixer to reduce the "headset"  volume and get a voodoo sound like experience with my galaxy nexus. only problem is the setting gets forgotten next time the sound stream stops... so very dangerous for the ear drums. would be great if we could get a mod done for this...
  4. psyllium

    Someone put an end to my IEM frustration.

    the yamaha eph 100's at exeltek are now on backorder, eta July :-( i suppose they will be worth the wait when i finally get them :-)
  5. psyllium

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    Quote: OK, So I figured it out. You have to take apart the cup mechanism and then you will be able to remove the swivel mechanism and eventually get to the bits of part 22 on their own. I've epoxy'd the part 22 back together, the swivel isn't quite as smooth as it is on the 'good' side...
  6. psyllium

    Fake ATH-ESW-9? (56K warning!)

    It looks like comparing the fakes and the real ones is getting much more difficult... pretty bad for someone trying to snap up a bargain. I'd be sticking with authorised channels and legitimate second hand ones from head-fiers with good feedback.
  7. psyllium

    Fake ESW10 pictures vs real (56k warning)

    His ESW9's that were for sale look fake as well Judging by this page:
  8. psyllium

    Fake ESW10 pictures vs real (56k warning)

    They do look fake... his response about counterfeit goods wasn't that helpful to his bids either I suspect!   Horribly tempted to bid on them just to find out, heheh.
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  10. psyllium

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    I am thinking of super-gluing the part while I try and arrange for a replacement bit... and like others here, am wondering how the hell to dismantle the things. I can't undo screw 22 with the cup there in the way and I can't detach the cup from the hinge (17)
  11. psyllium

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    Well, I'm going to join the 'ESW9 Broken Joint Case Club' as well. Anyone know the best way to get the replacement parts to Australia?
  12. psyllium

    Musiland Monitor 02 US

    Just joining "Club Monitor 02 US" here Initial sound impressions: Nice and clean Initial driver impressions: Surprisingly stable on Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit. Both and And here I was thinking I was done with my hardware purchases...
  13. psyllium

    Urgent: For working out and car-duty...anything I should look at besides iPod Nano?

    I'd be looking at a Sansa Clip instead... good for work-outs.
  14. psyllium

    Equipment for DJing

    Quote: Originally Posted by DJGeorgeT Pioneer mixers are really not good sounding. For good sound, you should go the Allen & Heath route or Urei 1620. The new digital Pioneer mixers (DJM700/800/1000) are heaps better sound quality than the older ones (DJM500/600). But yeah those...
  15. psyllium

    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    If you got a player that is rockbox-able, you can set the EQ parameters in that as well.
  16. psyllium

    The Day the Zunes Stood Still

    Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes Yeah, I'm a computer program Aha! I always suspected it! :P
  17. psyllium

    Please help - Best headphones for big beat music

    I like my Audio Technica ESW9's for psychedelic trance... would have generally the same musical elements with faster speed (130-150bpm)
  18. psyllium

    To raise 8k frequencies on a 5-band equalizer

    Sorry... you really can't do it... you'll have to just drop the bands around it. What are you trying to play through?
  19. psyllium

    Wooden portable ATH-ESW9 arrived! (with pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Feather225 Question: I recently bought a Ibasso BOA for my Grado Sr225, did anyone paired BOA with ESW9? Does it improve the SQ? Thanks! I have a D2 Boa and use the ESW9's with it. And yes, it sounds good when used as a DAC. Not sure whether it's...
  20. psyllium

    A very unusual portable rig, my traveling music box

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaloS I have a hard time figuring out why you didn't just plug the Sleek wireless directly into the line-out of the iPod... Yeah, I totally agree... The amp is only boosting a signal that will go through the air anyway
  21. psyllium

    Can't hear any sounds other than music with ASIO4ALL/foobar2k

    That is normal... this is because the software mixer is bypassed, leaving a pure clean audio stream for the music and the music only to pass through.
  22. psyllium

    Closed headphones under 100 and portable

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight K81dj I agree
  23. psyllium

    How High Can You Hear? And How Old Are You?

    I can hear up to 15kHz (in denial...) I'm 28
  24. psyllium

    Yuin PK1 > FiiO E3 > 3.5mm - 2.5mm > Nokia E71

    Hmmmm I can't seem to get Strands to play OGG files and can't find the EQ options?
  25. psyllium

    Yuin PK1 > FiiO E3 > 3.5mm - 2.5mm > Nokia E71

    I've been using a Nokia N78 with its built-in 3.5mm headphone jack lately... quite acceptable in my opinion! Much punchier + lower bass than my previous DAP, a Samsung YP-T10. I've been using OggPlay on it, as I have a lot of stuff in OGG format. I also find the built-in mp3 player skips at...