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  1. BIGtrouble77

    Review by 'BIGtrouble77' on item 'Grado SR225i Headphones'

    My reference is primarily with inner ear monitors (UE10pro) and the Beyerdynamic DT770.     I've been listening to the SR225i's for a few days and have developed a few opinions...  I've been wanting Grado's for a long time, but I've never jumped on a pair because of criticisms of cheap...
  2. BIGtrouble77

    Ultimate Ears Custom cable line faulty?

    Same problem with the new cables, it doesn't seem they addressed this problem at all. My current pair of failed cables are the new ones. It's good to hear I'm not the only one. -bt
  3. BIGtrouble77

    Shure E500 v. Ultimate Ears UE-10

    This has been a fun thread to read, I love all the UE10 comparison threads- tons of drama, useful info, bogus info, more drama, etc... I tried so hard to enjoy the universal IEM's I've owned, but I ultimately ended up despising them all. Comfort and fit is soooooo underrated. Every universal...
  4. BIGtrouble77

    OMG... my ears are in love!

    See, this is the thing about headfi and audio equipment in general. You use crappy gear your whole life then discover this place, make a modest investment in some headphones and it's complete ecstasy. Problem is you develop a dependency on your new gear, but also begin to crave something...
  5. BIGtrouble77

    Alternatives to ipod

    The ipod has some HUGE short comings (poor codec support, not ums, no line-in recording, drm laden, poor sound quality) but... The guys at rockbox are porting over their firmware so vitually all of those short comings will be addressed. It'll be a while, but it's coming so there is some...
  6. BIGtrouble77

    Should IEM canalphone users be more worried about hearing damage?

    Since I got my UE10pros I've noticed significantly more bass than I'm used to. I don't listen to them loud, but the bass does vibrate my ear canal quite a bit. I have severe tinnitus from when I was very young so I always have ringing. It's difficult to tell if listening to music contributes...
  7. BIGtrouble77

    Any preparations for impressions?

    For some people it can be a very painful experience. Unfortunately I'm one of those people. When the audiologist put the foam in my ear it felt like he was driving a nail through my ear drum- and he was being extremely careful. Even when he injected the silicone I felt a sharp pain, but it went...
  8. BIGtrouble77

    Which 2 would you keep to get best of both worlds: UM2, e4c, or UE 5 pro?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Parrothead Im looking for opinions on keeping 2 out of the 3 on the list, not just one. If you could afford 2 of the 3, which ones would you keep to have variety in sound. For me this means working with an unamped 5th gen ipod. Sorry, I guess I'd go for...
  9. BIGtrouble77

    Why I hate woot!

    I listened to them at Target today. I was suprised how good they sounded. Considering how much bashing bose gets here I was expecting something horrid. They weren't bad, but I wouldn't pay more that $75 if I really wanted them for some reason.
  10. BIGtrouble77

    Bang and Olufsen A8

    Quote: Originally Posted by MarkKLC I apologize if I offended you... just a light-hearted comment, didn't really have ill-intent there. They really aren't horrible, it's just that here in Canada, they actually do cost $250, and that, combined with the fact that they are only available at...
  11. BIGtrouble77

    Bang and Olufsen A8

    Quote: Originally Posted by MarkKLC At least for $240, you get sub-iPod stock bud quality sound VS no sound (ie. earrings). Why do you have to be a troll? Your just gonna piss people off saying things like that. And, fyi, they don't cost anywhere near $250. I think they retail for...
  12. BIGtrouble77

    Bang and Olufsen A8

    Quote: Originally Posted by aye5882 maybe the people that love the a8's haven't really heard good earphones for that price range?? i agree that its all looks. i went to a B&O store to try them out and wasn't impressed at all w/ their sound. btw, i noticed that Audio-Technica have some...
  13. BIGtrouble77

    Bang and Olufsen A8

    I absolutely love my A8's. I've had my pair now for 4 years. They sound very good, very clean and neutral sounding. I agree the bass is lacking, but I'm hardly a basshead. These are the only headphones that I can go running and work out with. And they are 100x more confortable than universal...
  14. BIGtrouble77

    Searching for the right amps...

    Thanks, I'll give em a look.
  15. BIGtrouble77

    Searching for the right amps...

    I need to amp my iRiver h120. I'd like to use the digital out so I assume I'd need a dac for that. I have no idea what the difference is between an amp and a dac- actually I do, but do dacs have an amp built in? Do I need to use an amp with a dac? I just wanna get the best sound quality. If the...
  16. BIGtrouble77

    too painful

    I just wanna second the 'do not put spit in your ear' suggestion. Your saliva has millions of bacteria in it that really shouldn't be in your ear. When using IEM's you actually prevent air flow which causes the ears to produce more of it's own bacteria. I would just stick with tap water.
  17. BIGtrouble77

    Looking for a simple flash player with fair SQ for a non-techie.

    This player by iaudio is most impressive: There's no flash player that holds a candle to those specs. iaudio has very good sound quality too. Edit: the specs on that link don't say it, but the player supports some of the lower compressed flac...
  18. BIGtrouble77

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 Ozzy - Randy Rhoads tribute That's my all-time favorite album, the guitar work has never been matched, imo. I learned the tribute version of all the songs on that album, although I can't play them as well as Randy did. Unfortunately, the...
  19. BIGtrouble77

    Another Canadian UE10 Pro Owner

    Quote: Originally Posted by BRBJackson Not to sound like a broken record, but that is EXACTLY what I'm facing at this point. Do I have UE make the right earpiece fit a little tighter, or the left looser? It looks like we all have a bunch of common challenges in trying to get a perfectly...
  20. BIGtrouble77

    UE10's or...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by root OK, I will say it once again- Sensaphonics have a 1 year warranty as well as UE's. As far as drivers shorting out- seems to be no issues for the time being. Why don't we compare the amount of refits people here need to have to get the molds for UE's...
  21. BIGtrouble77

    FLAC advantage

    Quote: Originally Posted by maarek99 Are they re-encodes? Many people complain about sucky 320 kbps mp3's, but many of them have been downloaded from the net, and they've been re-encodes of 160-192 kbps material. It could be. I did download those (2) albums. But I have had...
  22. BIGtrouble77

    FLAC advantage

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab My All-lossless iTunes library is almost 130 GB. When doing your blind testing, listen both for effect on the imaging/soundstage as well as the more typical/obvious effect on the sound of instruments like acoustic guitar and cymbals? The album...
  23. BIGtrouble77

    FLAC advantage

    Quote: Originally Posted by ServinginEcuador Sweet! Keep us informed as you go. This is the kind of stuff that is pushing me to forget about getting an iPod in favor of an iAudio: the iTunes MP3 encoder isn't nearly as good. Plus, I really don't need 60gb of storage space as I did 320k...
  24. BIGtrouble77

    FLAC advantage

    I did a blind listening test yesterday. I encoded Rush's Remastered Moving Pictures to FLAC level 5 vs. LAME CBR 320 (hq). Equipment I used was my iAudio X5L unamped with my UE10-pro headphones. I had the two albums set on random play and could not identify the lossy mp3 files. They sounded...