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  1. tkddans

    DC, NOVA, MD | August 27 [DATE CHANGE]

    LOCATION: Dolley Madison Library in McLean, VA DATE: Saturday, August 27 TIME: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM I reserved a room there, it’s free to attend, and the location is conveniently located in northern Virginia, just outside Tyson’s Corner. Very close to the MD border and to DC. They provide tables...
  2. tkddans

    Dan’s Audio Reviews | Loved Music

    My lifelong, ongoing, playlist of music I love Feel free to follow on Apple Music. I’m always adding more! 😃
  3. tkddans

    “The world’s greatest stereo system”

    I just found this video from a news station’s YouTube channel. It’s wonderful to see someone in our hobby show such a life long passion for music, and yet so sad to see his health deteriorate so much when he finished it all… Ken Fritz’s audio journey
  4. tkddans

    SJY Artisan - Wood handcrafted planars

    I'm just amazed that this is a thing. It's made by just one person. And get this...he's a high school student from Virginia, USA. Hand crafted, wood and metal design, and is $450 right now on his indiegogo campaign (to be $500 at full retail after campaign). He's currently getting strong...
  5. tkddans

    GoldPlanar GL2000 Thread

    Very promising. Sold by Linsoul... Reviews are few and far between thus far, but highly praised by some. One YouTube reviewer so far, Zeos, thinks they are worth $1000 to $2000, rather than the $600 they are priced at - even saying he likes...