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  1. cpurdy

    Review by 'cpurdy' on item 'JBL CLUB 950NC'

    I didn't expect much, other than a decent Bluetooth headphone implementation from a brand (JBL) that usually doesn't suck. But I have to admit to really liking these headphones far more than I expected to. If I were designing a pair of consumer Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones with a few...
  2. cpurdy

    Reply to review by 'cpurdy' on item 'Focal Elegia'

    I'm just saying, if I had only paid $250, I would be like "ok, not bad". But at $900? No, it's not a good price.
  3. cpurdy

    Reply to review by 'cpurdy' on item 'Ray Samuels Apache Limited Revision 4 (UPDATED 1/10/21)'

    It's Ray Samuels. Everything he does is a work of industrial art.
  4. cpurdy

    Review by 'cpurdy' on item 'Jerry Harvey Audio Layla Custom IEM'

    JH Audio has an entire line of custom IEMs, and a cult following. I've had a friend pushing me to get a pair of custom Layla IEMs since they came out; he was one of the early customers, and he still raves about them (even years after they were stolen from him). I had not intended to purchase...
  5. cpurdy

    Review by 'cpurdy' on item 'Pioneer XDP-30r'

    I've had this player for a long time. It has a ridiculous number of features, including Bluetooth and WiFi and Tidal and remote apps and MQA and so on ... but I don't use any of those. What I do use is a massive amount of storage on a micro-SD card, and the balanced output. So my review won't be...
  6. cpurdy

    Review by 'cpurdy' on item 'Grado PS1000 Headphones'

    I don't get to listen to open-back headphones very often. In the office, my office-mate hates them. In bed, my wife hates them. But with the office-mate out of the office this week, the PS1000 is on the desk, and I stumbled onto this review thread (while simultaneously hearing the first flaw in...