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  1. Fafner

    5687 Tung Sol Black Plate

    Based on your experiences, are there any differences btw the D-Getter and the Round Getter variants of this tube soundwise? Is one better compared to the other one? Thx!
  2. Fafner

    Recommended tubes for the B-52?

    Being the B-52 my first (and I guess it will last some years) go into tubes world, I'm just curious about the possibility of improving its already impressive sound. Considering my source, my cans (see my signature), and my preference for great symphonic works, are there some recommendations...
  3. Fafner

    Today my new toy has arrived ;)

    Here is it, sitting on my Marantz SA-7S1.
  4. Fafner

    Marantz SA-7S1 + Grado GS1000/Senns HD650 + ?

    I'm planning to upgrade my old SA-17S1 to this new, high-end model (once it arrives on the european market). Recently, I almost only use my Grado headphones, although I sometimes like to use my old HD650 too. I listen 100% classical, mostly large-scale symphonic music. I currently own an...
  5. Fafner

    Marantz SA-17S1 vs SA-11S1

    Now that the high-end 2-channel SA11-S1 has been out for some months, had anyone the chance of comparing the sound quality (stereo only, of course) of both players? Would an upgrade from the 17 to the 11 be justified?
  6. Fafner

    Best Portable CD player currently?

    What's in your opinion the best portable CD player currently available in terms of sound quality (which doesn't necessarily mean "bass")? Currently, my "portable" equipment in based on an Iriver Slimx 550, an Emmeline XP7 headphone amp and Sennheiser's HD650 headphones. Are there better...
  7. Fafner

    Emmeline XP7 with rechargeables?

    I'm thinking of buying some high capacity Ansmann (250 maH) NiMh 9v batteries. In fact these are 8.2V batteries (Plainviews aren't available in Switzerland, ordering batteries from USA would require shipping taxes higher than the product's prices...). Does someone know these batteries? What I...
  8. Fafner

    Porta Corda vs. Total Airhead...any advice?

    I recently purchased a Total Airhead from Headroom...then, hearing that from December there will be a new model, I sent it back to upgrade to the new 2003 Total Airhead. Yesterday I read some informations about the Porta Corda 2, but couldn't find any detailed reviews and most of all any...