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  1. Angular Mo

    Anyone use Hyperdrive iUSB Port 2 by hypershop as wireless storage?

    Their support says that it streams stored media files without any compression.   Seems to me to be a good solution to add storage to an iDevice, or other smartphone or tablet.   Wondering if anyone else has used it, I don't see reviews by audiophiles
  2. Angular Mo

    Preamp only (no power) - recommendations?

    Requesting suggestions for a headphone pre-amp to install between my Schiit BiFrost DAC and iBasso Warbler P4, or alternatively an integrated-receiver Denon UD-M31.   Purpose is to have a left-right channel balance control primarily, would be OK also to be able to reverse polarity too.
  3. Angular Mo

    If iPod LOD bypasses internal amp; then why do I see a volume control?

    When connecting my iPod Touch to my HRT iStreamer and iBasso P4 Warbler amp, via the LOD cable, why am I able to control the volume from the slider-control on the device?  This has happened intermittently to me.   I recall in the past that the volume control would be disabled on the device.
  4. Angular Mo

    iPad 1 + CCK, how to avoid "devices uses too much power"

    I have searched this site and the Web, the proposed solution of attaching unpowered USB hub does not work for me when trying to connect a Fiio E17 Alpen device. Yes, I turned off USB Charging on the E17.   I am hoping to obtain definitive advice on what to do.  I found a site that suggests...
  5. Angular Mo

    iPhone 4s > Fiio E17 Alpen (DAC only) > iBasso P4 Warbler Amp ?

    I want to bypass both the iPhone's amp and the E17's amp.   Goal: From iPhone (bypass amp) > go to the Fiio E17 Alpen as DAC only (bypass amp) > iBasso P4 Warbler amp > headphones.   I thought that using the Fiio L7 attachment to the E17 would help; but I realize that it wants a...
  6. Angular Mo

    Best mids over-the-ear open headphone for less than USD 300?

    I am looking for: best mids for under $300, Open, over-the-ear full size headphone - to use at basement home office. Looking for soundstage and separation.   I have not yet experienced bass detail, nor airiness - curious about these characteristics.   I thought I had wanted treble...
  7. Angular Mo

    One DAC to Two Amps ?

    I have a MacBook Pro > Schiit BiFrost DAC   Is it OK to connect the BiFrost via RCA cables to a 1/8" Y-cable spiltter to feed my portable iBasso Warbler P4 amp, AND my Denon UD-M31 amp which is connected to loudspeakers?   I figured this could be a better solution than to connect my...
  8. Angular Mo


    Hello, I made the mistake of inadvertently going to to full-size headphone forum.   I want something that is easy to travel with for daily commuting on the train; they need not be perfect in the isolation, I don't like the pressure I feel from noise cancelers,   Desires: 1...
  9. Angular Mo

    iBasso P4 Warbler experience ? my first post here !

    Hello new friends, This is my inaugural post, having only recently started my foray into serious headphone technology.   So, I started with Audio-Technical ATH-M50s headphones (yeah, just a starter)... I know, not balanced, electrostatic, nor ortho.   Next, I bought the HRT iStreamer...