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  1. sphinxvc

    Recommendations on Fluke DMM?

    As above.  If I missed some recent thread on this - sorry.  Looking for recommendations on specific models.  I intend to build some headphone designs as well as some Pass power amp designs, in case that makes a difference.     So far I've been eyeing the Fluke 179 and 87-V.
  2. sphinxvc

    Best DVD music / DAD music?

    Figure I'll give this route a shot.  People bothering to put music on DVDs must give a crap about how it's mastered, or at least, one would hope.   Anyway, anyone have any recommendations?   I'm looking for MUSIC first, quality second.  Meaning, I don't really care for albums mastered...
  3. sphinxvc

    Head-fi's most "prolific" posters

    Off in the LCD-3 thread I just noticed a member's post count --  10,945 posts / Joined 3/2010   That's something like 1 post, every 2 hours, continuously, day & night, for 2 years.  Which is kind of mind boggling.   So it would be fun, just for kicks, to see more numbers like this, like...
  4. sphinxvc

    USB/Coax Converter Insights (Mac mini > DAC)

    I'm looking for insights from people who are familiar with:     1. The various USB/Coax converters threads here     -- OR --     2. The products themselves first-hand.   My goal is to get coax out of my Mac mini to my DAC, and thereby, hopefully, better the sound.  My reasoning...
  5. sphinxvc

    Tiniest portable amp?

  6. sphinxvc

    What's more picky & fussy to get right?

    Rolling & tweaking a speaker rig, or rolling things with headphones?
  7. sphinxvc

    Best Active Speakers

    I started this thread looking for active speakers recommendations, now it's just a discussion thread, I'm open to any kind of speaker related discussion or speaker component discussion.
  8. sphinxvc

    Why no dedicated speaker subforum?

    Why?  What do speakers have to do with cables, power components, tweaks and accessories or DBTs that they get lumped into that subforum?  I know this is head-fi but a huge portion of classic hifi enthusiasts are cut off from this site.  I don't get it.     I post this mainly because I feel...
  9. sphinxvc

    CTH builder?

    Are there any CTH builders any of you know of?   Would like to commission a build.
  10. sphinxvc

    FS Section Suggestion

    It'd be nice to have separate IEM and over ear HP FS forums, or at least check check boxes to choose IEM or over ear HP when creating a classified so one could filter results while browsing.  
  11. sphinxvc

    DIY Amp for HE-6?

    Since there are no commercial HP amps out there that put out the 8+WPC RMS @ 50ohms the HE-6 is recommended, are there any DIY offerings out there?  I've heard the Gainclone design is very similar to the Dark Star.  Anything else that puts out a similar amount butt-kick?   I have of course...
  12. sphinxvc

    Cable Science

    This discussion was taking another thread off-topic so I made this thread:   My point of contention, originally, was that there's a valid possibility that there could be more at play in cables than known science has accounted so far, and that this (unknown variable(s)) could explain for some...
  13. sphinxvc

    IEMs bypass HRTF?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any information on this.  Given that IEMs sit deep in the ear canal, I've always suspected that they bypass HRTF to a good degree.  So it might be possible for two people with drastically different HRTFs to perceive the same FQ response with deep-set IEMs / as opposed...
  14. sphinxvc

    V1 X-capes or V2 X-capes? What are these IEMs?

    Any distinguishing features between the two?  (Cosmetic)
  15. sphinxvc

    Best bang for buck DAC @ $500? PS Audio Digital Link III v. Stello DA100 v. NFB-2/3?

    I started this out only looking at the Audio-GD offerings but these used old models come in around the same price range.   There are several PS Audio DL III's and Stello DA100s floating around on Audiogon right now.   Anyone have any input on these old DACs?  
  16. sphinxvc

    Stello DA100 - Still a good buy?

    Does this DAC still compete with the modern ones?  Anyone have any impressions of it?  This model is discontinued but it has been rumored that it has the same quality (but less features) as the signature version, can anyone confirm / deny?    
  17. sphinxvc

    SE (single-ended) Tube Amplifers

    List of SE all-tube amplifiers (as of April 2011).   Cary SLI80 Signature - $3,500 Leben CS-300X (push-pull) - $3,295 Woo Audio 5-LE - $2500 Zana Deux SE - $2200 DNA Sonett - $1200 Woo Audio 2 (OTL) - $1090 Woo Audio 6-SE - $1050 Decware Zen TABOO - $995  Darkvoice 337SE - $899...
  18. sphinxvc

    Approaching Classical

    I recently acquired this CD and really enjoyed it; went through it in one 45 minute sitting.   I'd like to find some more pieces with this kind of style but I'm not sure what era or category this particular piece falls under.  Anyone know?  Have any recommendations?  Or any general advice...
  19. sphinxvc

    Woo Audio 6-SE. Overkill for K701s?

    I heard this pairing at a recent Head-fi meet and came away feeling very good.  I found excellent synergy.  If I go for the Woo 6-SE I will probably have to sacrifice my source for the time being and go for something like an NFB-12.   So is it overkill?    
  20. sphinxvc

    Is the CMOY the best build to learn from? (Toward building a Buffalo II)

    I'd like to build myself a Buffalo II DAC.   Did a bit of searching but the information returned was years old.     Is the CMOY still the best build to learn from?
  21. sphinxvc

    Will my Audio GD FUN take third party opamps?

      Do all opamps use the same socketed interface?   Can I use any opamp with the FUN?   Are there that are far better than the ones AGD offers?   In case you haven't heard of them - the product page for the AGD opamps:
  22. sphinxvc

    Deal Alert: Denon D7000s - $584

    Saw a deal for the D7000s new, shipped for $584, I've read about some head-fi'ers getting a pair for <$600 before though so I don't know how much of a deal this really is.     The site also encourages you to call Denon to verify that they are the authorized dealers they claim to be.  Anyhow...
  23. sphinxvc

    Building a Full-Size Set-Up

    So I finally have the funds to go for a full-size set-up.  Sold my Macbook Pro yesterday for this very purpose!  My thoughts so far have been the Nuforce HDP, the Audio-GD Fun & the Matrix M-stage paired with a V-dac. (..or something similar in price and ability)  I really want to avoid entering...
  24. sphinxvc

    Some questions about the iBasso D4

    I want to pull the trigger on this by the end of the week, need some last minute input.  Push me off the cliff.   Is the SQ worth the dork-iness and inconvenience of bothering with 9V batteries?  My only point of reference is the Nuforce uDac or a Cowon player.   65% of my listening...
  25. sphinxvc

    TF10s and Impedance

    I bought a pair of TF10s during the Amazon deal & a Cowon E2 yesterday.  The E2 has power output of 12mw + 12mw - 16ohms for headphones.  I really don't understand the relationship between impedance, ohms and power so I ask all of you who do, will the little player have any trouble driving the...