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  1. PrTv

    Tube GURU please enlighten me, are these tubes bad?

    I've just received a pair of LM Ericsson 403B from an eBay seller. I bought some tubes from them earlier and I was impressed by their fast shipping and excellent quality tubes, so I didn't hesitate to buy again when I saw another pair on eBay (as a back-up pair). But when I received the...
  2. PrTv

    Tube Damper, does "premium" type really do the job better than a "general" one?

    Now I'm considering getting some tube dampers for my DV332 amp, and the two candidates are from Herbies's Audio Labs and an eBay seller, sandyphoto. For my DV332 with a pair of Russian 6S19P in power section and EF95 equivalent in pre-amp section, I need to use the following dampers from the...
  3. PrTv

    Please help me choose a DAC

    I want to buy some DAC to use with my DV332+Senn650 setup, but I'm not sure which one to pick. Requirements: 1. USB input to stream signal from my PC 2. Analog RCA input to connect to my iPOD through Cross Roads adaptor 3. Coax and Optical input 4. Analog out 5. Less than $450...
  4. PrTv

    Where can I find the cheapest replacement pads for Senn 650?

    I'm considering replacing my 650's pads since I noticed they started to deform. I saw they're listed at 45$ per pair at headroom and I wonder if I can find a better deal elsewhere. Appreciated if anyone could shed some light. Thanks
  5. PrTv

    AKG K701 + NAD C372 Phones, are they a good pair?

    I'm considering between K701 and HD650, but before you say "not another K701 Vs Hd650 thread", let me say I'm not gonna ask which one to choose (I know there are many threads out there). My question is does C372's Phones do this headphones justice? It is my first full-size can after using AKG...
  6. PrTv

    To all Yuin PK 2 owners, who feels the treble is too aggressive?

    I just bought a pair yesterday and I'm feeding it with pink noise since yesterday's evening. Up until now, I feel its treble is too agressive for my taste. My choice of music are Jazz, new-age, blues, and pop, so I prefer reasonably clear, detailed, natural and open sound with decent sound stage...