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  1. Johnnyhi

    TPA6120A2 Amp for low impedance Hp...?

    Is there an amp using this chip for low impedance headphones?       thanks!
  2. Johnnyhi

    Samsung Game Mode What is it.?

    What exactly is Game Mode from Samsung Tv, all i know is that it was created by Microsoft for Samsung i like the audio that comes from it and was wondering if i can achieve the same effect with some equipment i dont think its some Dolby effect or something like that because i've used the Dynamic...
  3. Johnnyhi

    Looking For Speakers That doesn't dilute the audio...

    I'm looking for a 2.1 system that meet the specifications/performance noted below:    in some movies with some of my speakers lets say in a scene where people are on a tunnel when they speak you suppose to hear eco right? but that doesn't happen with some of my speakers an the klipsch...
  4. Johnnyhi

    4N but 5N 7N Silver Cable.?

    Is there such thing as 5 or 7 or even 9N pure silver cable, if so can the seller selling this prove the purity of the cables eg.. certificate or something for that matter.? so far i'm looking at OCC COPPER to be the best option for my projects e.g speaker rewiring and interconnects,   Now...
  5. Johnnyhi

    Feedback needed for a custom 3.5 mm to RCA cable

    i'm going to build a 3.5 to rca cable to use with my dac, i'm looking at a DIY option since it has what i need and best of all is custom,  here is what i'll be using:        22 AWG Silver Wire - FEP Dielectric  from this...
  6. Johnnyhi

    B&W MM-1 Can i add an external DAC

    This question is to those who own the B&W mm-1 Can i add an external Dac to the MM-1's, i mean will it bypass the internal one via the Aux Input.?          Thanks.!