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  1. seag33k

    Beyer Custom One Pro Earpads

    Can anyone recommend more comfortable earpads for the Custom One Pros?
  2. seag33k

    In Ear Headphones for the Gym Recommendations - Under $100

    I am looking for a decent pair of in ear headphones that work great for the gym.  I wear glasses so they can't have the over ear support.  My current cheap pair fall out constantly.  Looking for something under $100.   Thanks! Eric
  3. seag33k

    AMP/DAC Recommendations for DT990 Pros

    I am looking for a full size headphone AMP/DAC for my DT990s.  I currently have a FiiO E17 but am looking for a full-size amp I can keep at my desk.  My budget is around $500.  I've read some nice things about the O2 + ODAC combo but have never heard it or know if it would be a good match.  I...
  4. seag33k

    Christmas List Help

    I believe I posted this in the wrong forum since I didn't get any input. Hopefully this location is more appropriate.   Over the last year or so I've slowly build up my headphone collection.  I am ready to take the next step and trying to narrow my list down.  So far I have it narrowed to the...
  5. seag33k

    Proper Burn-In Procedures

    Are there any recommended burn-in steps people take with a new set of headphones?   Source Volume Level Type of music Lengths of burn-in periods Warnings Thanks!
  6. seag33k

    To Replace my CALs

    I bought the CALs back in Feb and am noticing a buzzing in the left channel.  The buzzing is most noticeable around 30hz.  Unfortunately I don't have my receipt so I can't return them for repair :(  I am hoping to find something to replace them.  What do people recommend for under $100? I am...
  7. seag33k

    Tuning OS X & FiiO E17

    I just got a new Macbook and am wondering if there are any OS settings I should tweak to get the most out of my E17.  Its been a while since I've used a Mac so wanted to make sure I wasn't over looking something. Thanks!
  8. seag33k

    CALs Break in Period

    Just picked up some CALs for work.  Do they require much of a break in period?   Thanks!
  9. seag33k

    HE-400 Build Quality

    I've been doing some research on the HE-400 lately and have run across some old and new posts regarding issues with the build quality and defective parts on the HE-400s.  Are these all old issues?  It sure wouldn't give me that pride in ownership if in the back of my head I wondered if I had a...
  10. seag33k

    Characteristics of Open Headphones

    I was reading another thread and someone recommend the Q701s so I read a review about them.  They sound like nice headphones so I wondered what sort of characteristics do open vs. closed headphones have?  I was a bit concerned by how delicate these cans seem to be by design since I'd have to put...
  11. seag33k

    Getting the most out of the FiiO E17

    I just purchased the FiiO E17 and want to get the most out of my setup.  What have others done to get the best performance from this DAC/AMP?  I've run mine for a few hours so it is charged.  I've also maxed out the sample rate on my PC.  I am also breaking in a new pair of COPs as well. Thanks!
  12. seag33k

    Sennheiser CX 680 - exercise ear buds $50

    Will post my question in the static thread already created.
  13. seag33k

    $100 - $200 Headphone Suggestions for PC & iPad

    I am looking for suggestions on a pair of headphones in the $100 - $200 range approximately.  I have a pair of Klipsch Image One headphones that sound great, but aren't that comfortable for long periods of time.  I generally listen to music or watch movies on my computer or iPad.  At times I...